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Katers Köök Café
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Katers Köök Katze Newman
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Katers Köök Pfannkuchen
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Katers Köök

Vegan Deli & Cat Café

Hamburg's cat café in the Schanzenviertel is home to six rescued animal protection cats. In addition to the cats' presence, enjoy delicious and down-to-earth vegan cuisine with breakfast, hearty dishes, ice cream creations & cakes - all day long.

Where once the Katzentempel was located, Hamburg's first cat café, Katers Köök opened its doors and paws in April 22. The cats and staff remained, but the restaurant has since been given a new look and a menu with a maritime touch.


In addition to delicious breakfasts such as pancakes & scrambled tofu with veg bacon, the menu now also includes fish alternatives such as carrot salmon, aubergine herring & backvish. The absolute hit here, however, is the down-to-earth Curryvurst with fries. There are also many gluten-free options on the menu.


The six cats all come from animal welfare. They have found their forever home with in the deli and should feel at home there at all times. Sometimes the cats want to be petted, play or even come on laps or shoulders and sometimes they don't. The Katers Köök asks the guests to respect the wishes of the cats. Because even eating in the presence of the four-legged friends is an absolute experience and lets you forget the stress of everyday life for a while.

Tip: On Saturdays, the Katers Köök is open until 8 p.m. After feeding time around 6 p.m., the cats are particularly active.

You can also buy vouchers (on site or online) and merchandise (hoodies, shirts, mugs, cups, coffee beans & stickers).

Short & Sweet

  • CategoryCafé/Bistro
  • Type of cuisineVegetarian, Vegan, German cuisine
  • AmbienceCosy & maritime
  • TipCurrywurst & Fries

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