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The Hatari is a charming, rustic eatery and serves lots of burgers, tartes flambée and specialities from the Palatinate.

It may be hearty at Hatari. The burgers are huge - so huge that you don't really need the fries that come with them - the tarte flambée protrudes over the board, and no one really needs to describe what the Palatinate specialities like sausage, pig's stomach and liver dumplings look like.

Like the food, the restaurant's furnishings are suitably rustic, but at the same time, the artfully decorated walls and dimmed lights win you over. At lunch there are slightly smaller portions at smaller prices - highly recommended after a stroll through the Schanzenviertel. And don't worry, vegetarians are also welcome as the burgers and tarte flambé are also available in versions without meat. Reservations are recommended at weekends because the restaurant is often as full as the plates are with food.

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  • CategoryRestaurant
  • Type of cuisineGerman cuisine
  • Price
  • Ambiencerustic, charming, sociable
  • Servicecompetent

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