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Espresso House

Fair trade coffee and espresso specialities

A Hamburg original that offers FairTrade coffee and espresso specialities in a cosy atmosphere at many locations: Espresso House Hamburg.

The Espresso House Bars are the perfect place at any time of day for a little break during a long stroll along the Alster or an extensive shopping tour. In downtown Hamburg, the cosy bars with their comfortable leather sofas and armchairs are to be found on almost every corner and offer a variety of fine coffee and espresso specialties such as cappuccino, caffè latte and latte macchiato, as well as a large selection of teas, juices and shakes, and for the small hunger snacks, such as rolls, cookies, tarts and other cake specialties.

Balzac Coffee becomes Espresso House

The Swedish coffee shop chain "Espresso House" moves into Balzac. In 2017, the Swedish coffeeshop operator took over "Balzac Coffee", which was founded in Hamburg, and is now gradually converting the stores. The service remains authentic and friendly as usual and the coffee just as delicious.

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  • ServiceWarm, relaxed

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