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Digital city tours in Hamburg

Rediscover the most beautiful city in the world with the ryddle city rallies. Few people have ever seen Hamburg through the eyes through which you see it on one of the ryddle puzzle tours. 

Whether it's the neighborhood (the "Kiez"), the harbor, the city center, the Outer Alster, or the Grindelviertel, the principle of the rally is the same everywhere, but the level of difficulty varies. The rallies are played with the smartphone via the messenger app WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Players are immersed in an exciting story appropriate to the district, solve tricky puzzles and at the same time receive interesting background information on the most important hot spots that are passed during the tour. 

Experience exciting city history in person 

Ryddle offers an exciting city story at any time, which can be experienced with modern chatbot technology on your own smartphone - without any reservation or fixed tour time. 

The city rallies are available in German and English. If you really get stuck, you can of course ask for tips. The puzzles are sometimes challenging, but all are solvable, at least with a little help. With a recommended group size of up to four people, one person usually comes up with the solution. In addition to text messages, other numerous media are used to make the digital adventure perfect. 

Further information 

The special thing about the puzzle tours is that they can be played at your own pace at any time and without advance reservation. Take a breather, enjoy the view, linger in a cafe or quickly solve the puzzles and discover the route - with the help of modern chatbot technology, exactly this is easily possible. 

The puzzle tours are suitable for tourists, locals, families with older children, team events, school classes, bachelor parties, and much more. There is also something for everyone in terms of content: whether it is solving the murder case on the Reeperbahn, discovering Tamar's Jewish family history in the Grindelviertel, rescuing the dockworker Fiete from a predicament in the Speicherstatt, or Luke coming to her aid to find his buddy Phil again on the Außenalster, there is no shortage of shared puzzle fun. You should plan 1.5 to 2 hours for the Kiez, Innenstadt, and Grindel tours, and 2.5 to 3 hours for the harbor tour. The tour around the Alsteralster can be done on foot (approx. 3 hours) or by bike (approx. 1.5 hours). 

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Ryddle city rallies

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30% discount on digital city rallies from Ryddle in the most beautiful city in the world, which can be played via Whatsapp chat or Facebook Messenger. Playable independently at any time.


To play a tour, simply visit the website www.ryddle.de, select your desired tour and enter the voucher code hhcard21 in the booking process.

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