Mystery House

© Mystery House Hamburg
© Mystery House Hamburg
© Mystery House Hamburg
© Mystery House Hamburg

In the Mystery House in Hamburg things get really tricky: keep a cool head and solve the puzzles waiting for you in various escape rooms.

A total of four rooms await their visitors with exciting stories and sixty minutes of crime thriller fun. Can you manage to solve the riddles?

Of crime scenes and prison cells

Dark and ominous clouds lie over the city. The horror has taken its course and a man has been murdered. All hopes of solving this case rest on your shoulders. Are you up to the pressure, or will the killer escape? Find out - at The Crime Scene Escape Room. In The Prison Cell you're on the other side of the law. Will you manage to escape life in prison and succeed in breaking out of the cell? The prison walls are thick and the bars in front of the prison cell are massive. Only an elaborate escape plan can help you escape. In The Bomb you are part of a bomb squad that has to search for a bomb. Will you be able to disarm the bomb in time? Finally, in the Escape Room Scriptorium, you can set out in search of the Count's precious egg - extremely valuable and well hidden in an old monastery, full of tricky traps and puzzles... 

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© Pixabay / Clockedindk

Escape Games in Hamburg

A team, a room, and 60 minutes - these are the rules of the new trend known as Escape Games.

Escape Games in Hamburg
© ThisIsJulia Photography


Around Harburg's inland harbour, historical and modern architectural styles merge. It's maybe even a bit like HafenCity. Finkenwerder, on the other hand, has the charm of a fishing village. – Here, you see a quite different, almost rural side of Hamburg. Harburg and Finkenwerder are also good starting points for discovering the Hamburg metropolitan area.

Hamburg South

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Treasure hunt on board the Cap San Diego

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