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Hafenhotel Meereszeiten

The Hafenhotel Meereszeiten located between the Heiligenhafen old town and the Baltic Sea coast guarantees a maritime atmosphere and supreme comfort.

The Hafenhotel Meereszeiten is located on the road between the Heiligenhafen old town and the Baltic Sea coast. Set in an idyllic location between marina and old fishing harbour, this is a place full of maritime flair. There’s a guaranteed view of the water from all the hotel's 86 rooms and suites. 

The accommodation is divided up into different categories. These range from the 25 m² comfort room with balcony and the exclusive room (37 m², two balconies, spacious bathroom) to the spa suite, at nearly twice the size, including small kitchen and its own sauna. Standard features include free Wi-Fi, writing desk, floor-to-ceiling window, small fridge and TV.

A room catering for up to 120 people is available for meetings and conferences. Golf enthusiasts are only 20 km away from the Fehmarn golf park, which has a special arrangement with the hot.

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