Deadline Escape Games The clock is ticking

© Deadline Escape Games
© Deadline Escape Games
© Deadline Escape Games
© Deadline Escape Games

You have been wrongly convicted and you have exactly 60 minutes to escape from prison. Enough adrenaline rush? Then on to the Deadline Escape Games. The clock is ticking.

The Deadline Escape Games promise adventure for young and old. Under time pressure, delicate tasks have to be mastered and hopeless situations have to be escaped.

Something for everyone

In an old factory building, adventure-hungry adventurers can expect lots of puzzle fun. The Deadline Escape Games are the ideal place to create action-packed memories with friends, add variety to family life or team up with colleagues. When escaping from prison or supporting great magicians, everyone gets their money's worth. Participants can choose between four escape rooms. In Prison Break you were wrongfully sentenced to death and must now find your way to freedom. A magical job interview awaits you in Magical Mystery. You want to become an assistant to the greatest magician of his time and have to prove yourself in various tasks. Or are you attracted to the Gold Mines of the Australian outback? Toxic gases have been released in the mine and you have to do everything you can to evacuate quickly. The latest addition is Lost Island.


The Deadline Escape Games are located in the east of Hamburg. Buses of the lines 230 and 130 drop you off directly in front of the gates of the old factory building. The underground station Billstedt can be reached on foot in 10 minutes. 

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Hamburg East

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