Unilever Haus

© Timo Sommer, Lee Maas
© Timo Sommer, Lee Maas
© Robertro Kai Hegeler

At Unilever's corporate headquarters, you can stroll through the building and experience sustainable architecture.

The house was developed as one of the first buildings in HafenCity. It floats like a cloud in front of the banks of the Elbe. A foil wraps the building, gives it protection from wind and weather and at the same time provides ventilation for the interior. Together with the neighbouring Marco Polo Tower, the building lies on an urban line of sight that leads from the town hall to the water edge. The building is crowned by a green roof measuring over 2,000 square metres, which provides additional protection against cold and heat. In summer, bees and other insects enjoy the green oasis. In 2009, the Unilever House won the World Architecture Festival Award for the best office building.

Ice licking, coffee drinking and spa magic in the Artrium

The spectacular architecture is continued in the interior. Glass walls also provide transparency here and give an impression of the working environment of the large corporation. The Artrium invites you to stroll around. Coffee and ice cream invite you to linger and the spa provides pampering.

Tango dancing in front of the river Elbe

In summer, the promenade in front of the building is transformed into a place to go for tango lovers. On Sundays Argentine guitar sounds are heard regularly and the dancing leg is swung in front of the Elbe. The event is free of charge.

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CITY AREA PORTRAIT HafenCity & Speicherstadt

The world’s largest warehouse complex and UNSESCO World Heritage. On the other side, towards the banks of the Elbe, the modern, ever-growing architecture of the new harbour district HafenCity. Also, you can enjoy the view of the harbour from nearly everywhere.

HafenCity & Speicherstadt

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© Vera Müller

Unique park above the Elbe Altona Balkon

The Altona Balkon – “Altona Balcony” – is around 27 m higher than the Elbe and offers a fantastic view of the Hamburg harbour, the legendary fish market and all the colourful goings-on along the shore.

Altona Balkon
© mediaserver.hamburg.de / Jörg Modrow

Alster swans

These majestic waterfowl adorn the Binnen- and Außenalster as living symbols of the city.

Alster swans
© Marco2811 – stock.adobe.com

Treppenviertel Blankenese

The Blankenese Treppenviertel offers its residents a delightful view of the Elbe and of the passing ships.

Treppenviertel Blankenese

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