Famous clubs on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg

Große Freiheit auf der Reeperbahn
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As a hotspot of club culture, the Hanseatic city's notorious party and red light district attracts thousands of visitors every day.

There is a lot to discover here. From the clubs where the Beatles began their career to the club under the Reeperbahn.

The Molotow is one of the most famous clubs on the Reeperbahn. It impresses with its relaxed atmosphere, indie rock concerts and readings or slams. The club on the edge of the Reeperbahn is known for its live performances and offers a unique platform for up-and-coming bands and established artists.

Thomas Read is located right next door. The Irish pub impresses with its authentic ambience, live music and a wide selection of beers and whiskies. With traditional pub furnishings and regular live performances by rock and indie bands, the Thomas Read has become an integral part of Hamburg's club scene.

With its special location at the very beginning of the Reeperbahn, the Mojo Club is also firmly anchored in Hamburg's nightlife - even though it only reopened in 2013. When the Mojo Club opens its otherwise almost invisible doors, dance and music enthusiasts flock from all over to experience the music up close. From jazz to RnB, hip-hop and soul to funk, there is something for everyone here.

At Moondoo, once home to the Beatles, night owls on the Reeperbahn experience a fusion of history and the pulsating present. Here you can dance to international beats while the legends of the past are still palpable.

This is just a small selection of the clubs on the Reeperbahn. There are many more that are well worth a visit.

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