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© ThisIsJulia Photography

It is probably one of the most famous side streets of the Hamburg district on the Reeperbahn: Herbertstraße. Herbertstraße can be clearly recognized by the barricades that are supposed to block the view of the alley.

Since it was built in the 19th century, Herberstraße has been known for one thing above all - love for sale. Over 200 women have their "workplace" here. Admission to Herbertsraße is reserved for men who have reached the age of 18.

With the advent of industrialisation, prostitution in Hamburg experienced a kind of heyday. The reason for this were the numerous ships and sailors who entered the port of Hamburg. However, the city's vice squad has declared it its goal to dissolve the "trade". In the German Reich, so-called "brothels" were partly closed by the police. This did not stop the "boom" around the brothels. For this reason, the brothel business in St. Pauli was restricted to a side street of the Reeperbahn on 1 January 1990. It was hoped that this would allow better control of the activities.

Even the ban on prostitution in Germany during the National Socialist era could never be properly enforced in St. Pauli. For this reason the activities in Herbertstraße were tolerated. As a result, the screens that still exist today were erected in 1933. The attached signs were only added in 1974.

The approx. 60-metre-long alley still belongs to the old myth of St. Pauli. Incidentally, the name of Herbertstraße does not originate from a single person, but belongs to the concept of the alphabetically progressive naming of the streets of St. Pauli.

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