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In love with Fiete

Bike reporter #2

Cycling reporter Lara on the road in Hamburg The world's first tattooed bicycle

Bike reporter Lara is on the road in Hamburg on her bike and tells you about the most exciting stories, projects and people who are committed to cycling in our city. Go on a discovery tour with Lara and find out why Hamburg is twice as much fun from a bike.

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When bike reporter Lara meets Tattoo-Fiete, she immediately falls in love with him. This is not only because his many tattoos tell the story of a very special Hamburg district. He is also a wonderful bicycle tour inspiration and always ready to discover the most beautiful city in the world with her. You see, Fiete is the world's first tattooed bicycle.

On his leather-covered frame, depictions of iconic buildings and corners tell of the colourful and crazy diversity of St. Pauli. Across the top tube stretches the Reeperbahn with all its sins and famous institutions, while the down tube shows the harbour and Hafenstraße. The saddle tube features everything that connects the two hotspots - i.e. the Landungsbrücken, the cathedral, Feldstraße and the bunker.

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The bike was built by Hauke Clausen, owner of Tool Bikes, who then provided the frame, saddle and individual components with a leather cover by Stefan Urbach of Lederfeinkost. Then Fiete came to Hamburger Berg, where the bike was painlessly given a unique declaration of love for St. Pauli by Catharina Pomorin in Germany's first tattoo parlour.

Tattoo-Fiete is not only a real eye-catcher, but also makes you look forward to discovering one of Hamburg's most exciting districts. After all, he already has the map with him. For Catharina Pomori it was the first time she tattooed something other than skin. But we think that she succeeded in creating such an outstanding premiere with needle, ink and heart and soul that we would like to see more of Catharina's tattooed bicycles whizzing through Hamburg.

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When she finally gets her hands on him, Lara grabs the tattooed Singespeed bike, puts on her helmet, shits herself in the saddle and sets off on an extended tour of the Kiez. First Lara and Fiete ride to the fish market and from here to the adjacent Park Fiction at the harbour - the place-to-be when summer comes to Hamburg. The park is actually called Antonipark, but was popularly renamed after the work of art that was created on its green space. From this mixture of city square and green oasis, Lara enjoys the view of the large steamships and the Elbe and then sets off with Fiete along Veloroute 12 towards Neustadt.

Along the way, she stops again and again for a quick chat with the many Fiete fans in St. Pauli. Because the admiration for Fiete is great. This will become clear, among other things, in November and December 2019 at the Museum of Hamburg History - the world's first exhibition on tattoo legend Christian Warlich, to which Fiete was also invited. Fiete also attracted all kinds of attention during his performance at the international art, music and culture festival Millerntor Gallery. This led to an equally sad and beautiful end for the Fiete era: After Lara's excursion, Fiete has been auctioned off for a good cause.

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