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Hamburg's first bicycle parking garage

Mobility Point Kellinghusenstraße

Hamburg's first bicycle parking garage More safety for your bikes

The Bike+Ride multi-storey car park in Kellinghusenstraße was finally completed in 2021. It is intended to offer the many commuters, day-trippers and visitors a place where they can park their bikes comfortably and safely.

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Every day, more than 80,000 passengers get on, change or get off at the Kellinghusenstraße underground stop. No wonder, because not only the underground lines U1 and U3 pass through here, but also the bus lines 22, 25 and 26. Under the motto "Where love goes", numerous reconstruction measures were therefore carried out and the traffic junction was redesigned. To make it easier for all passengers to switch from their cars to bicycles and to connect them even better with public transport, extra space was created at the Kellinghusenstraße mobility point.

No expense or effort was spared in the construction of the bicycle parking garage. Located directly on Kellinghusenstraße, it impresses with its modern look and leaves no questions about what it is intended for. But it also makes quite an impression from the inside with its spacious and bright interiors. The roof was fitted with a green roof structure and now provides a habitat for various insects and also contributes to the natural air conditioning of the building, as the planting naturally stores rainwater.

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There are 600 bicycle parking spaces on the two floors, and with the bicycle hangers in the vicinity of the bicycle parking garage, Kellinghusenstraße even has 1,000 parking spaces. The majority of these parking spaces are accessible to all Hamburg residents free of charge; only 142 are located in a secure area. This is protected by an electronically protected door and is only accessible to rental customers. Here, bicycles can be safely stored around the clock and every day of the week for €8 per month (or €7.50 if you take out an annual subscription). For cargo bikes, 14 parking spaces are provided in the open area and three in the secured area.

The entrance to the ground floor is in the middle of the building. There has been some criticism that it is difficult to find because you have to turn a corner from here, which makes the entrance look uninviting. However, commuters have now got used to this. The upper floor is only accessible via a staircase with ramps on both sides, as a lift would have been beyond the budget. In addition, criticism was voiced quite soon after completion that only about ten percent of the parking spaces were occupied. Since then, however, the popularity of the bicycle parking garage has grown and we think it is better to create incentives that are only used gradually than to have no space for bicycles.

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If you ever arrive at the bicycle parking garage with a flat tyre, you can fall back on two pumping stations with tools on offer here. One is located on the upper public level, another in the secure area on the ground floor. The bicycle parking garage also has 23 lockers with integrated power sockets - 15 on the lower level and seven on the upper level. Not only can cycle helmets, bags or rain jackets be stored here, but e-bike batteries can also be charged. A locker costs €1 per day, €6 per month or €66 per year.

To make the way to and from the bicycle parking garage even more pleasant and faster, the Veloroute 13 has also been upgraded. The 14-kilometre ring route runs through Altona, Eimsbüttel, Winterhude, Barmbek, Eilbek and Hamm. Among other things, Loogestraße between Kellinghusenstraße and Isestraße was upgraded by installing 2.25-metre-wide cycle lanes on both sides.

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For all StadtRAD users, a StadtRAD station has also been set up on Kellinghusenstraße, where rental bikes can be borrowed and returned. The wide range of mobility options is complemented by an HVV Switchh point with charging columns for electric cars, where users of Sharenow and Cambio can switch to a rental car.

However, the completion of the bicycle parking garage does not mark the end of the mobility revolution in Hamburg. The next bicycle parking garages are to be built at all of Hamburg's long-distance train stations and at the Schlump and Holstenstraße rapid transit stops. In addition, new bicycle parking spaces are constantly being built, most recently at the Bike+Ride facility at the Ohlsdorf underground and S-Bahn station and the Bike+Ride facility at Neugraben.

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