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Hamburg on the way to becoming a 15-minute city

The perfect mobility mix with hvv switch

Hamburg on the way to becoming a 15-minute city hvv switch - how does it actually work?

Switcch or Switch? hvv App or hvv switch? MOIA, SIXT share, Lime, TIER or StadtRAD? As nice as it is that the range of mobility options in Hamburg is constantly growing, choosing the right means of transport can be confusing. Fortunately, most of the parties involved in Hamburg work hand in hand and we'll give you an overview of how you can benefit from this cooperation.

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In 2016, the switcch project was launched to make it easier to switch between bus, train, car and bicycle through innovative mobility. In 2020, the concept was further developed and renamed hvv switch.  In the hvv switch app you can not only buy hvv tickets, but also book trips with an e-scooter from TIER, the ridesharing service MOIA or a rental car from MILES, SIXT share or cambio.

The difference between the hvv app and the hvv switch app can be explained in a flash. With the hvv app you can search for timetables for underground trains, suburban trains, buses and ferries and buy tickets for these means of transport. Use the hvv switch app if you already know where to go and want to choose between the hvv offers, e-scooters, car and ridesharing.

If you don't know which means of transport is the fastest or cheapest for your route, Google Maps will help you. Once you have found the best means of transport for your route, you can click on the hvv switch logo to access the hvv switch app, which will automatically select the right ticket for you.

To use all switch services, you have to register once; to use a rental car, you also have to enter your driving licence data. Then you can pay conveniently with PayPal or credit card - no matter which offer you use.

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The first hvv switch point was set up at Berliner Tor back in 2013, and they are now at 19 underground and S-Bahn stations throughout the city. Since 2017, 69 smaller switch points have also been set up directly in the city districts to overcome the critical last mile to other mobility services. Currently, all switch points are located in a semicircle between Altona, City Nord, Wandsbek and Hafencity.

By 2030, a further 134 switch points are to be added, so that in future everywhere in Hamburg the nearest local transport service will only be five minutes away. In this way, all relevant destinations - such as bakery, hairdresser:in, school, supermarket - will be made accessible in just 15 minutes. The next three switch points will be built in Harburg, and locations will also be realised in Dieselstraße and Kaltenkircher Platz.

The prime example of the future of mobility in Hamburg is the Kellinghusenstraße underground station. More than 80,000 passengers get on, off or change trains here every day. Complementary to the underground and bus, a bicycle parking garage with free parking spaces, bicycle repair stations and lockers and an hvv switch point have been set up here in the immediate vicinity of Veloroute 13.

In and around Hamburg's first bicycle parking garage, 1,000 parking spaces are available for your own bicycles and StadtRÄDER can be rented. The switch point has seven parking spaces for hire cars, some of which have charging points. In addition to the many switch points, more bicycle parking garages are to be built in the next few years in order to make Hamburg's mobility mix as flexible as possible.

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