Mit dem Fahrrad durch den Advent

Der Weihnachtsmann fährt Fahrrad

Cycling through Advent Winter cycling tips

The snow (or sleet) is quietly trickling and eager cyclists are bravely sliding through the streets of Hamburg. This can only mean one thing: Advent has arrived. The dirty weather often tempts us to leave our bikes behind, but we would like to tell you about a few events and locations that can be reached by bike even in the cold season.

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There are plenty of Christmas markets in Hamburg and they all have their own individual character. For a wintry experience, we recommend a bike tour to some Christmas markets that couldn't be more different. After a stop in the winter forest at Gerhart-Hauptmann-Platz, you can head to the wicked Santa Pauli on the Kiez and from there to the hyggeligen Erlebniswelt in Niendorf.

For a more leisurely ride, take the StadtRAD to one of the many musicals Hamburg has to offer. After a little exercise and some fresh air, you can lean back in a cosy armchair and choose after the performance whether you want to cycle or take the train, bus or taxi home.

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In order to arrive at your destination reasonably warm on your bike despite sub-zero temperatures, we recommend the onion look à la jumper, fleece and jacket as well as warm gloves. Because cycle paths are always cleared last when it snows, you should also take to the road, ride slowly and keep a sufficient distance from other road users to prevent accidents caused by icy conditions.

In addition to Christmas markets and musicals, the Hanseatic city also has numerous Christmas concerts in store for you. But you can also make your own music while cycling, as the Eimsbüttel Music School proved in 2019.

At Hamburg's first bell concert, the students of the music school stood with their bicycles at the "Weißerzauber" Christmas market and enchanted the audience with their ringing Christmas carols.

Maybe you will feel inspired and practise your favourite Christmas song on the bicycle bell yourself. This is not only fun, but also keeps your fingers warm while cycling.

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