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© Björn Heiser

Mister X Sightseeing Tour

Mysterious scavenger hunt through Hamburg

Go on the hunt for Mister X and get to know many corners of Hamburg on the two-hour tour. It's an unusual city tour where you'll have lots of fun while solving exciting puzzles and discovering the city.

Where is Mister X? The players can expect an exciting 2-hour tour against a real person in Hamburg's city centre. This is no ordinary city tour. Their hunt for Mister X takes them past Hamburg's hotspots and offers participants lots of great photo opportunities along the way. The "Mister X Sightseeing Tour" is a city tour and scavenger hunt at the same time.

Read clues, find clues and find Mister X

Mister X (an accredited city guide) will contact the participants of the tour by mobile phone and will repeatedly announce clues to his route. Sometimes it is GPS data, sometimes photos, sometimes voice messages or he releases the live tracker. Mister X is a real person. Watch exactly where he walks or drives.

The "hunting ground" is announced in advance. Is Mister X perhaps at a building that was built between 1922 and 1924 and looks like a ship? Or is he currently on the move in a 47-hectare rampart? The participants get to know the city in a playful way during the search for Mister X.

Winning with brains and tactics

You and your fellow players have to be tactical and show finesse in order to intercept Mister X. You follow him via live tracker. You follow him via the live tracker and have to be careful not to lose him. It's all about brains: If you keep a close eye on Mister X's route, you can find a way to outsmart him with a little flair. The aim of the game is to get hold of a photo of Mister X. The first player to get hold of the photo (also known as Mister X) is the first one to get the photo. The first person to catch the photo (even from a distance) wins and finishes the game.

But be on your guard: Mister X is a real pro. He knows Hamburg like the back of his hand and may be watching you too!

Further information

The Mister X Sightseeing Tours are suitable for children and adults alike. If Mister X is caught too early, the next round continues after a short break. Exact procedures for the game will be announced shortly before the tour. Along the way, there is always information about places of interest. Also ideal as a children's birthday party or group tour on independent daily dates.

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Mister X Sightseeing Tour

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