Schloss Ahrensburg Once a mansion. Today a moated castle.

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Ahrensburg Castle near Hamburg presents itself in white and comparatively simple. What may seem boring at first glance appears to be fascinating beauty on closer inspection. Festivals, weddings, music events and a museum make the castle shine as a landmark.

Over 400 years of history characterise Ahrensburg Castle, northeast of Hamburg. It is regarded as the landmark of the city of Ahrensburg. The castle can be reached by regional train from Hamburg in just 20 minutes. On a day trip to the metropolitan region around Hamburg, you should not miss out on the castle.

The museum tells of the history of the castle

In only 16 years the castle Ahrensburg was built by Peter Ranzau as a castle or noble estate. From its completion in 1585 to 1759, the manor house remained in the possession of the family before Heinrich Schimmelmann took over the manor house and its associated estate. The present castle museum has been open since 1938 and is supported by the local association "Schloss Ahrensburg e.V.".

In the museum itself, visitors can see the former Rococo and early Classicist style of living. What looks simple from the outside will impress you from the inside. The furnishings are largely original and give an impression of the lifestyles of the former owners. The "History Cabinet" in Ahrensburg Castle is dedicated to the question of life 300 years ago. From different perspectives, not only the life of the nobility in the castle is presented, but also the hard everyday life of the staff. Have you ever wondered where the bath water actually came from 300 years ago or what a chef earned at that time? If so, then you should pay a visit to Ahrensburg Castle, because here you can not only read and learn, but also touch and participate.

Events around the castle

In addition to the guided tours during normal opening hours, numerous events also take place in Ahrensburg Castle near Hamburg. Because of its beauty, the castle is often used as a backdrop for weddings and celebrations. But also during the holidays the castle offers a special programme for children and special guided tours, e.g. through the adjoining castle park.

In August, the annual Schlosspark cinema summer takes place, an event of a special kind. The Schlosspark becomes an open-air cinema and shows eight films for young and old on an LED screen from Friday to Sunday.

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