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© lee_maas_timo_sommer

Große Elbstraße

Always parallel to the Elbe, the Große Elbstraße runs from the St. Pauli fish market along the Altona Balcony all the way to Neumühlen.

Here, you have an unobstructed view of the countless cranes and ships in the harbour and can watch the lively hustle and bustle on the other side of the Elbe. Occasionally a fresh breeze blows around your nose, suggesting that in the immediate vicinity of the fish market, many fish wholesalers have settled. But there’s much more to discover in the Große Elbstraße. Fresh fish is immediately processed and served here in the many high-quality restaurants. A little further you will find delis, vintage furniture and the iconic Haifisch Bar, where you can still meet real seamen having their evening beer.

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Stroll, relax and watch the ships on the Elbe beach Elbe beach

The Elbe beach near Övelgönne is a pretty hot tip in summer. When the temperatures rise and the sun burns, nothing is more refreshing than a jump into the cool water.

Elbe beach
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A few years ago, a particularly prominent office building was built at the Fischereihafen with DOCKLAND.

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Explore one of the largest non-nuclear submarines in the world, U-434 U-434 submarine museum

Explore one of the largest non-atomic submarines in the world, U-434. It was once used by the Russian Navy for espionage, now it is moored in Hamburg as a submarine museum.

U-434 submarine museum

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