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© Barkassenbetrieb Bülow GmbH
© Barkassenbetrieb Bülow GmbH
© Barkassenbetrieb Bülow GmbH

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1,5 Stunden "PEKING", Hafencity und Speicherstadt Bootstour

Spannende Rundfahrt zur Viermastbark „PEKING“, der neuen Sehenswürdigkeit in Hamburg und eine Fahrt elbaufwärts bis hinter die Elbbrücken, zur Gründung des höchsten Bauwerks in Hamburg, dem zukünftigen Elbtower. Neue Einblicke über die Wasserstraßen zur Hamburger Hafencity und ggf. eine Fahrt durch die malerische Speicherstadt mit anschließender Besichtigung der einzigartigen Flussschifferkirche.

Marvel at the new landmark in the Port of Hamburg, the P-Liner "PEKING" and receive expert information on this beautiful four-masted barque, which until a few years ago was still moored in the Port of New York.

The tour continues to behind the Elbe bridges, where Hamburg's tallest building, the Elbtower, is to be built. Join us on a tour of the new area of Hamburg's Hafencity, the largest inner-city construction project in Europe, and get new insights and information about the ever-changing skyline.

Under favourable tide and as a rule, the trip also goes through the canals of the Speicherstadt. In any case, you will have a direct view of the red brick building from the place of departure.

Riverboat Church
Before or after setting sail, you have the opportunity to visit Germany's only floating riverboat church. During opening hours, of course, you can also visit it from inside. The Flussschifferkirche is less than 30 metres from the place of departure.

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The historic core of the Altstadt (German for Old Town) district is shaped by traditional buildings such as the Hamburg city hall and the chamber of commerce, the alleyways and bridges which stretch out all the way to the HafenCity district. In the Neustadt district district between Laeiszhalle and Jungfernstieg with elegant promenades, fashion stores and gallery owners – overlooking the Alster.

Alt- & Neustadt

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UNESCO Heritage Site Speicherstadt

An unmissable attraction in Hamburg: The large harbour tour takes you through the canals of Speicherstadt.

Alter Elbtunnel Hamburg
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Outstanding German civil engineering Alter Elbtunnel

When the old Elbe Tunnel, also called St. Pauli Elbe Tunnel, opened in 1911, it was a technical sensation. Today, it is a nostalgic and lovingly tended piece of Hamburg history – and has already celebrated its 100th anniversary.

Alter Elbtunnel
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A few years ago, a particularly prominent office building was built at the Fischereihafen with DOCKLAND.


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