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Besan-Ewer Johanna

The Johanna, built in Elmshorn in 1903, with its shallow draught and folding masts, could and can be used far into the tributaries.

For centuries, the Ewers were the predominant type of ship on the Elbe. It was the motor ships that displaced these flat-bottomed freighters. Due to their shallow draught, the Elwern were able to transport goods back and forth between Hamburg and the Lower Elbe marshes. The Johanna still offers insights into the hustle and bustle on the Elbe about 100 years ago, which you can experience very closely during a trip or visit on board.

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Around Harburg's inland harbour, historical and modern architectural styles merge. It's maybe even a bit like HafenCity. Finkenwerder, on the other hand, has the charm of a fishing village. – Here, you see a quite different, almost rural side of Hamburg. Harburg and Finkenwerder are also good starting points for discovering the Hamburg metropolitan area.

Hamburg South

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Hamburg Stock Exchange

The Hamburg Stock Exchange building, which by the way is the oldest of its type in Germany, is situated back to back with the Town Hall.

Hamburg Stock Exchange
St. Michaelis Kirche
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Hamburg Michel St. Michaelis Church

Hamburg has many large churches - but only one "Michel": On its platform 106 metres high, there is a fabulous (and breezy) view of Hamburg, the port and the surrounding countryside - one that should not be missed!

St. Michaelis Church
Hamburg Dungeon
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Gain an insight into the dark side of Hamburg's city history Hamburg Dungeon

100% gruesome entertainment: Get up close to the dark side of the history of the Hanseatic city at the Hamburg Dungeon

Hamburg Dungeon

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