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Japanese Garden

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You don't necessarily have to travel to Japan to let a touch of East Asian culture affect your mind, because such a touch already envelops you in the Japanese Garden in Hamburg.

In the heart of the Elbe metropolis, on the Alte Wallanlage, you will find the Planten un Blomen park, which, in addition to a rose garden and a botanical garden with a tropical greenhouse, also has a Japanese garden in which you can marvel at the balance and natural order of East Asian horticultural art.

A place of peace and reflection

There is a lot to discover in the Hanseatic city, but body and soul long for some peace and quiet after a thrilling musical visit and a cultural city tour - the visitor in need of relaxation is exactly right in the Japanese Garden. Located between Congress-Centrum CCH and Messe, the garden, designed by Yoshikuni Araki in 1988, is a true oasis of peace amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. Surrounded by splashing waterfalls, idyllic ponds, rock formations and exotic plants, the garden authentically embodies the balance and serenity of East Asian aesthetics and philosophy. Strictly and self-contained, each element has been arranged according to a specific plan and yet in its own way appears completely natural and harmonious.

A place of cultural encounters: The Tea House

The centre of the Japanese Garden is a lake with an original Japanese tea house in rustic style on the shore. In the summer, various events take place here, where you can get to know the Japanese lifestyle in all its facets. The offer in Germany's largest Japanese garden ranges from traditional tea ceremonies to Japanese drum art and calligraphy taster courses. Those who appreciate the peace and quiet in the middle of the city should choose a hotel near the Japanese Garden in Hamburg.

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Streetart Schanze
© Hamburg Tourismus GmbH

CITY AREA PORTRAIT Sternschanze & Karoviertel

The two districts around Schanzenstraße and Schulterblatt are always in motion. Here, it is colourful and lively, and it has become much fancier in the last few years. Still, the district in the borough of Altona has preserved much of its rough, leftist-alternative nonconformism.

Sternschanze & Karoviertel

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Planten un Blomen Frühling
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The "green lung" of Hamburg. Planten un Blomen

The Planten un Blomen Park in the centre of Hamburg is a wonderful destination for families, couples in love and those seeking relaxation. There is a botanical garden with a tropical house and the largest Japanese garden in Europe. Whether you are riding a pony or having a tea ceremony in the Japanese Garden, everyday life is far away

Planten un Blomen
Minigolfanlage Planten un Blomen
© T. Schreiber

Great family fun for young and old Minigolfcourse Planten un Blomen

The Planten un Blomen minigolf course is located in the green heart of Hamburg and can be easily reached by train or car.

Minigolfcourse Planten un Blomen
© Timo Sommer, Lee Maas


The Hirschpark in Hamburg is a green oasis, and "deer park" is exactly what it is: Reindeer and fallow deer live in the game reserve.


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