Bramfelder Lake

The Bramfelder Lake is located in the Hamburg district of Steilshoop. The lake is long and narrow and fed by numerous sources including the former Prökelmoor marshland.

Lake Bramfeld is located in the Hamburg district of Steilshoop, directly on the border between the districts of Hamburg North and Wandsbek. To the north, the lake borders the Ohlsdorf cemetery - the lake is also not far from Hamburg airport.

Green oasis in the northeast

The lake has an elongated shape and is fed by several springs, including the former Prökelmoor. The "Stadtpark" is only a few kilometers away as the crow flies, but the smaller park has one major advantage: compared to the city park, it is much less frequented by visitors. In addition, numerous pedestrians:inside as well as sportsmen use the route. The circular path is about 3 km long, so the walk around the lake takes about half an hour. However, the half hour promises a break from the everyday life in the big city.

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Hamburg North is a wonderful place to live. The city centre can be reached in no time, and there is plenty of nature nearby. Everything goes at a slightly slower pace here. But there are still many things to see and do.

Hamburg North

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A sandy landscape on the outskirts of the city - the Boberg Dunes are home to a diverse animal world.

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Harburger Stadtpark

Harburg Stadtpark, which covers 21.5 hectares is located to the south of Hamburg and the Elbe, on Hohe Strasse. It surrounds the Harburg "Aussenmühlenteich" which can be walked round on a three-kilometre trail.

Harburger Stadtpark
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On sunny days, the Stadtpark is buzzing - young and old meet on the large city park fields to play soccer, have picnics, sunbathe and let the kites fly. At the edge of the large meadow there's a playground with a giant swing, slide and lots of equipment. The shallow pool is a special delight for little water lovers.


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