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The Billetal nature reserve is located in Schleswig-Holstein between Grande and Reinbek.

In the Billetal you can find various biotopes, poplars and black alders and numerous species of plants and animals. The nature reserve was formed by the melt water at the end of the last ice age. With a bit of luck, you can also spot one or the other rare bird species, such as a dipper or even a kingfisher, during a walk through the Billetal. The valley invites you to hike or bike and offers its visitors numerous things to discover.

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Nature reserve "Die Reit"

Where Gose Elbe and Dove Elbe meet, lies the delightful landscape of the small nature reserve Die Reit. Past small lakes and ponds, you walk through primeval, swampy beech forest. From the Reit dike, your gaze sweeps over green meadows and waving reed beds.

Nature reserve "Die Reit"
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Stadtpark Norderstedt

The city park Norderstedt is the destination for all those who love outdoor activities, nature, relaxation and sports. Seepark, Waldpark and Feldpark invite children and adults alike to explore and relax over 720,000 square metres. Numerous attractions and a varied leisure programme ensure unforgettable experiences.

Stadtpark Norderstedt
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Öjendorfer Park

Whether it's pony rides, miniature golf or hurtling down the slope in a sledge - Öjendorfer Park in eastern Hamburg offers lots of fun in the park both in summer and in winter.

Öjendorfer Park

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