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Poetry Slam
© Pixabay / Skitterphoto
Poetry Slam

Word art on Hamburg's stages.

Experience culture. Poetry Slam in Hamburg

Hamburg stands for art and culture through and through. And over the years, poetry slams have gained a firm place in Hamburg's cultural programme. Those who want to see young lyrical talents have the opportunity to do so in Hamburg almost every week. The young poet scene meets here regularly on stage to compete and inspire the audience. And with the "artistic duels", the city even has its own unofficial championship. Here, you'll find an overview of current events and the most frequent venues.

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The home of the Poetry Slam in Hamburg.

Rausch und Stille
© Heike Baltruweit

"Noise and Silence" - Exhibition for the Triennial of Photography Hamburg Expanded

On exhibition until 25 June 2022 are photographs by the two artists Christine Koch from Stralsund and Heike Baltruweit from Hamburg.

In terms of their approach, the works of the two artists are similar. Both take abstract photographs, perceive their surroundings with a very special view and either do not edit their photographs at all, like Heike Baltruweit, or to a very small extent, like Christine Koch.

When the pairs of pictures are compared, however, the differences become apparent. Heike Baltruweit's narratively complex works meet Christine Koch's reduced works, figurative abstraction meets colourfully emphasised details. This creates tension and invites one to immerse oneself in the works in silence or to discover the figurative and details in a frenzy.

Magical moments are also created by Heike Baltruweit's Augmented Art: using the means of Augmented Reality, she adds additional dimensions to her photographs and brings them to life.

Feel free to visit spontaneously or to register. I look forward to your visit.

Exhibition period:
07.05.22 - 25.06.22

Exhibition opening:
Saturday, 07.05.22 from 13 to 19 h and
Sunday, 08.05.22 from 13 to 18 o'clock

Opening hours of the gallery:
Wednesday to Saturday, 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Opening hours for the Triennale of Photography Hamburg Expanded*:
"Long Night of Photography", Thursday, 2 June, 1pm to 9pm,
Friday, 3 June up to and including Monday, 6 June 2022, 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Pure Photography & Gallery for Art, Media and Design
Glashüttenstrasse 108
20357 Hamburg
U2 Messehallen or U3 Feldstrasse (Karoviertel)

Registration and contact:
Heike Baltruweit
+49 (0)151 644 22 043

*The Triennale Expanded Projects are independent partners and organisers in their own right.

"Noise and Silence" - Exhibition for the Triennial of Photography Hamburg Expanded
© Dominik Greb

''ADAC prämierter Sinnes-Streifzug durch Speicherstadt & Hafencity''

Please note: It is possible that an event has been cancelled but is still listed on this website. For the latest information about cancelations or postponements please check the organizer’s website.

Get an in Hamburg! With all your senses. Smell, taste and feel the historic warehouse district and the ultra-modern HafenCity. Learn from our sensory guided tour Find out more about old warehouse and new concert halls. Get a feel for how it looked a hundred years ago here, what typical odors were heard and what connects them to this day. Discover secluded courtyards and modern buildings. Explore the smells of the ancient times and recognize the tastes of today's Speicherstadt.

In order for our journey is fun even with genuine Hamburger "Schietwedder" he lasts only a short and crisp 75 to 90 minutes. The offered raincoats and / or a screen, we recommend nevertheless.

Price: 19.00 / adult, 12.00 / Child 7 - 14 Years, free for children up to 6 years
Registration required at 040-55899024 or



''ADAC prämierter Sinnes-Streifzug durch Speicherstadt & Hafencity''
4.48 Psychose
© 2017 / Stephen Cummiskey

4.48 Psychosis

Every morning at 4.48 a.m. the effect of the psychiatric drugs starts wearing off, and, for a short period of time, the mind is able to articulate clear thoughts. After this brief episode, psychotic disorders and further medication regain control over consciousness until the next morning. Fragments from conversations appear, then, series of numbers, cascades of words, diagnoses, therapeutic talks, and, again and again, visions of attempted suicide. In »4.48 Psychosis«, Sarah Kane, who is one of the most important dramatists of the 20th century, offers insight into a repeatedly dissociating consciousness which is caught up in realms of depression, the desperate search for love, and excessive desires. Kane’s literary highly condensed text is flooded with images and associations that tell of a mental patient’s struggles and disintegration. At the same time, her play can be read as the uncompromising description of the fragmentation of the modern subject and perspective.

Sarah Kane wrote »4.48 Psychosis« only a few months before committing suicide in 1999.

4.48 Psychosis
50er Schuppen
© Stiftung Historische Museen Hamburg

50er Schuppen

Please note: It is possible that an event has been cancelled but is still listed on this website. For the latest information about cancelations or postponements please check the organizer’s website.

Around 1900, the rise in sea-freight traffic with ever-larger ships necessitated extensive rebuilding and expansion of the Port of Hamburg

50er Schuppen
© Triennale der Photography

8. Triennail of Photography Hamburg 2022

With twelve exhibitions, the 8th Triennial of Photography Hamburg will engage the theme of CURRENCY from multiple angles and perspectives. From colonial-era photo albums to visual reveries, social documentary and conceptual approaches to photography, the exhibitions explore the polyphonic ways in which photographs are produced, circulated and interpreted. The exhibition parcours through Hamburg was conceived by artistic director Koyo Kouoh and her international team, alongside the curators of the ten participating museums and exhibition venues in Hamburg. The exhibitions will be accompanied by numerous events and a festival lasting several days in June 2022.

8. Triennail of Photography Hamburg 2022
ABC der Arbeit - Vielfalt, Leben, Innovation
© Stiftung Historische Museen Hamburg

ABC der Arbeit - Vielfalt, Leben, Innovation

Please note: It is possible that an event has been cancelled but is still listed on this website. For the latest information about cancelations or postponements please check the organizer’s website.

On 400 square meters, this exhibition area conveys aspects of the history of work in Hamburg since industrialization.

ABC der Arbeit - Vielfalt, Leben, Innovation


Dockville Festival
© Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

Culture, street festivals & concerts Events in Hamburg

Whether it's art, music or theatre - experience the Hamburg you want to see. You'll find events with your favourite artist on the date you want! Experience the cultural diversity of Hamburg's cultural scene and the many events here and in the metropolitan region.

Events in Hamburg
Disneys der König der Löwen in Hamburg
© Stage Entertainment

Breathtaking. Thrilling. Unforgettable. Musicals & Shows

Experience Hamburg as a musical capital! One of the best and most successful musicals of all times in Hamburg is Disney's THE LION KING, which has now taken small and large to the fascinating world of Africa for over 15 years!

Musicals & Shows
Dockville Festival
© / Hinrich Carstensen

Festivals & Street Fairs

Parks or industrial zones are transformed into festival sites; side-streets invite you to come to highly diverse street festivals.

Festivals & Street Fairs

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