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CSD Hamburg
© Stephanie Paepke
CSD Hamburg
© Stephanie Paepke
CSD Hamburg
© Stephanie Paepke
CSD Hamburg
© Stephanie Paepke
CSD Hamburg
© Stephanie Paepke
CSD Hamburg
© Martin Stiewe
CSD Hamburg
© Stephanie Paepke
CSD Hamburg
© Jibben Großmann
CSD Hamburg
© Jibben Großmann

Christopher Street Day

Public festival and parade for tolerance and equality

Christopher Street Day in Hamburg annually attracts many visitors from all over Europe, who join to set a clear signal for acceptance, diversity and love of life.

The history of the CSD in Hamburg now goes back more than 40 years. Back then, in the summer of 1980, homo-, bi- and transsexuals took to the streets in the Hanseatic city for the first time on a large scale for their rights. Their demand, which was both simple and courageous: equal rights and tolerance for all, whether lesbian, gay or heterosexual. To this day, the CSD makes clear demands on politicians year after year. These include full legal equality for same-sex partnerships and a reform of the existing law on transsexuals.
Popular public festival with imaginative costumes and lots of show

In Hamburg, CSD has long since developed into a popular folk festival that attracts more visitors to the Elbe every year - including heterosexuals. In the meantime, around 100,000 visitors from all over Europe come to the CSD parade every year, setting an example of acceptance, diversity and zest for life. For three hours almost 40 groups, cars and trucks parade from the Lange Reihe (St. Georg) to the Jungfernstieg (old town). Different politicians lead the parade every year. Also part of the parade: imaginative costumes, hot beats and lots of show. The spectrum of the festival ranges from pop, electro, hits and rock to indie. A central part of the parade is also an approximately half-hour rally in the city, where the demands of the participants are read out clearly audible. For some years now, the Jungfernstieg and Ballindamm have also been firmly in the hands of homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals during the CSD weekend.

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© Unsplash / Cecilie Johnsen

Colourful Hamburg Hamburg for LGBTQ

Discover where Hamburg's LGBTQ+ community is at home!

Hamburg for LGBTQ
© ThisIsJulia Photography


Welcome to St. Georg, a borough full of contrasts. Located just behind Hamburg main railway station, it is colourful, multicultural, stylish and hip all the way up to the Alster.

St. Georg

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© / DoubleVision

The Jungfernstieg as a stage Jungfernstieg Music Festival

Just in time for the summer, the Jungfernstieg becomes a stage for four days: Experience open-air concerts from all musical styles, from pop to classical, jazz to chanson – in the heart of Hamburg, directly on the Binnenalster.

Jungfernstieg Music Festival
Japanisches Kirschblütenfest
© Christian Spahrbier

Flower magic at the Außenalster 53rd Japanese Cherryblossom Festival

Just in time for spring, Hamburg is transformed into a pink sea of flowers. Every year in May, the Japanese cherry blossom is solemnly welcomed to Hamburg with fantastic fireworks - a spectacle that attracts thousands to the Außenalster.

53rd Japanese Cherryblossom Festival
Lange Nacht der Museen Hamburg
© Museumsdienst Hamburg / F. Krems

A night filled with culture, art and history 21st Night of the Museums

The Long Night of Museums is held annually in Hamburg and offers all art lovers the opportunity to visit as many exhibitions as they can create in one night. The 21st Long Night of the Museums is expected to take place in April 2021.

21st Night of the Museums

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