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Harry Potter and the enchanted child - Theatre at the Großmarkt

Hamburg’s new visionary theatre with capacity for up to 3,500 visitors. The Harry-Potter-Theater am Großmarkt presents theatre performances, concerts, musicals, shows and much, much more. A visit is not only worthwhile because of the great programme, but also because of the spectacular display of architecture at the listed Großmarkthalle.

With the Harry Potter Theatre, Hamburg's wholesale market in Hammerbrook will become the eastern link to HafenCity and the destination of the Speicherstadtboulevard. The large building with its futuristic-looking roof construction is a listed building. Special precautions were therefore necessary to allow it to be converted and used as Hamburg's largest theatre from 2015. The theatre was completely integrated into the existing Grossmarkthalle and had an area of more than 6,500 square metres with a foyer, hall and bar on three levels.

The Harry Potter Theatre is the new home of HARRY POTTER in Hamburg

In 2019, Frans Dikmans, the architect who was also in charge of the first refurbishment, also took care of making the large halls a suitable environment for the play Harry Potter and the Enchanted Child, which is being staged in Hamburg for the first time in Germany. The experience should begin for visitors even before the curtain rises. That's why there are many details in the set that refer to the books that Joanne K. Rowling wrote about the wizard student Harry Potter. The Hogwarts initials have been woven into the carpet, handmade bronze-coloured wall lights in the shape of dragons point the way in the theatre hall and a light installation in the foyers recreates the trajectory of a Quidditch ball.

Visitors will see familiar figures on the walls of the foyers: Irish artist Peter Strain has decorated them with patronus figures from the books. The shape of the patronus, a kind of protective charm in the form of an animal, says a lot about a magician. Strain therefore had to walk the fine line of placing the animals magnificently on the walls and at the same time not anticipating which patronus would appear in the play.
Only here: Bertie Botts beans, chocolate frogs and edible chocolate wands

Although the gastronomic offerings in the theatre are not directly part of the architecture, they naturally contribute a great deal to the atmosphere. Visitors can therefore stock up on Bertie Botts beans in every flavour, chocolate frogs and edible chocolate wands.

HARRY POTTER and the Enchanted Child - From December 2021 at the Theatre at the Grossmarkt

Harry Potter and the Enchanted Child has been performed in London's West End since 2016 and this is the first time it has been translated into German in Hamburg. The play is set 19 years after the events in the books and the battle for Hogwarts. Harry Potter and his wife Ginny now have children of their own who attend the famous wizarding school and are confronted with their family heritage.  Experience the celebrated show at the Harry Potter Theatre at the Grossmarkt in Hamburg!

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Harry Potter and the cursed child

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Currently, you can purchase your discounted tickets only on the day of the event at the theater box office on site, as long as there is availability.

The opening hours are:
2 hours before the show

from 11.90 €

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Harry Potter
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Harry Potter und das verwunschene Kind
  • Theatre

  • 20.06.2024
  • 19:00
  • Theater am Großmarkt

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