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The concert hall in the South of Hamburg

Excellent acoustics and a varied program ranging from classical music to comedy make the Friedrich-Ebert-Halle one of the most sought-after cultural venues in the south of Hamburg.

Musical diversity and longstanding tradition

Brick on the outside - listed treasure chest on the inside: For almost 100 years, the Friedrich Ebert Hall in Hamburg-Harburg has been one of the great concert halls in northern Germany. Inaugurated in 1930, it was always more than just an auditorium for the Friedrich Ebert High School, which was housed in the same listed building ensemble. From the very beginning, it was also used for concerts in Harburg, which was still Prussian at the time. The Harburg Music Community, which was specially founded at the time, still plays a large part of the classical concerts in the hall today.

Musical legends and famous recordings

The fact that the Beatles made one of their first recordings in the basement is legendary, as are the televised shows with Peter Frankenfeld. Thanks to its excellent acoustics, the hall was and still is in great demand as a recording studio for international star pianists from Lang Lang to Nelson Freire and Alexandra Sostmann.

Varied program: from classical music to children's theater

Today, the hall, which holds around 1,100 spectators, presents a sophisticated and diverse program of classical music, rock, pop, comedy, spoken word and children's theater. It is also considered an insider tip for special formats in rock and pop, such as the MTV Unplugged recording of Revolverheld or the start of Nick Cave's European tour in 2019.

Ideally connected to public transport, the Friedrich-Ebert-Halle can be reached in just a few steps from the Heimfeld S-Bahn station.

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Hamburg South

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