WasserForum Hamburg Learn all about water at WasserForum

© Ulrich Perry
© Ulrich Perry
© Ulrich Perry
© Ulrich Perry

At WasserForum Hamburg you learn everything about water - it's not just about watching, it's about participating!

Inside the former pump house of Hamburg’s oldest water tower, visitors have the chance to experience northern Germany’s biggest and most modern exhibition concerning water supply. On three floors, they gather detailed information on the paths of rain, ground, drinking and waste water.

The first part of the exhibition deals with the history of Hamburg’s water supply starting from the Middle Ages. Moreover, this part also provides an overview of the geological conditions in Hamburg with the focus on the groundwater assessment and observation. The second part presents the purification of water and the transportation of sewage water from household to wastewater treatment.

A vast number of show pieces and original parts of the facilities make a visit worthwhile. Additionally, there are a lot of interactive activities throughout the entire exhibition, which you to take part in.

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Welcome to Bergedorf, Wandsbek, Hammerbrook and Rothenburgsort! Here, the harbour cranes and industrial culture in Rothenburgsort and Hammerbrook meet nature protection areas, meadows and woods on the border with Schleswig-Holstein.

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