Museum of Nature Hamburg - Zoology The Museum of Nature Hamburg - Zoology offers one of the largest collections of animal specimens in Germany.

© Paula Markert
© Paula Markert
© Paula Markert
© Paula Markert
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The Museum of Nature Hamburg - Zoology offers one of the largest collections of animal specimens in Germany and is a great opportunity to take a close look at the animal world.

A wonderful alternative for animal lovers who can't get excited about Hagenbeck's zoo when the weather is bad: The Museum of Nature Hamburg - Zoology of the Leibniz Institute for the Analysis of Biodiversity Change (LIB) presents taxidermy of birds, insects, hoofed and other animals on 2000 square metres. Many school classes and painting courses have been guests here, but the Museum of Nature - Zoology is also an exciting destination for families. The highlights of the museum include the former NDR walrus "Antje", a two-toothed narwhal, various skeletons and models of other whale species and an Amur leopard. In addition, there are taxidermy specimens of all bird species in Central Europe, rhinos, okapis, polar bears and brown bears. If you want to be informed by the expert, you should book one of the guided tours with exciting insights into nature. Best of all, admission to the exhibition is completely free.

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CITY AREA PORTRAIT Eimsbüttel & Eppendorf

Here, one can find magnificent old building façades, local and exquisite restaurants as well as fancy boutiques and owner-operated shops. While Eppendorf is rather fancy, one can feel the hanseatic serenity in Eimsbüttel. Both districts offer much green and water and are hence with good reason very popular neighbourhoods in Hamburg.

Eimsbüttel & Eppendorf

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Hamburg's animalistic original Tierpark Hagenbeck

There are many highlights for young and old in Europe's nicest private zoo: a total of 1850 animals in large open-air spaces, an elephant house, an extensive orang-utan enclosure, the tropical aquarium and the new "Eismeer".

Tierpark Hagenbeck
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Tropenhaus Planten un Blomen

The Tropenhaus Planten un Blomen offers exotic plants - in the middle of the city.

Tropenhaus Planten un Blomen
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International Maritime Museum

Kaispeicher B in Hamburg's Speicherstadt is home to the world's largest private collection of maritime treasures from 3000 years of shipping and naval history.

International Maritime Museum

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