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Greenpeace e. V.

© Dimitrij Leltschuk

Greenpeace shows numerous exhibits from past campaigns in a permanent multimedia exhibition. Visitors can, among others, take a look at picture stories on successful Greenpeace campaigns on a world map and are invited to make their own contribution to environmental protection. Visitor entrance via the Elbarkaden.

Greenpeace is an international environmental protection organisation that with direct violence-free campaigns fights for the protection of the natural environment of people and nature and justice for all living beings.

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Hamburg CARD

Hamburg CARD

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Freilichtmuseum Rieck Haus
© Bergedorfer Museumslandschaft

One of the oldest farm houses in North Germany exhibits the culture and history of the Vierlande area. Open Air Museum Rieck Haus

Anyone interested in the historical areas of Hamburg should not shy away from visiting the Rieck Haus Open Air Museum and the Museum für Bergedorf und die Vierlande.

Open Air Museum Rieck Haus
© Timo Sommer, Lee Maas

Bergedorf Castle

Bergdorf Castle, located in Billelauf, is Hamburg's only preserved castle. Nowadays, it houses a museum. In around 1220, Count Albrecht von Orlamünde created a moated castle in the dammed Bille, which fell to the dukes of Saxe-Lauenburg in 1227.

Bergedorf Castle

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