© Bente Stachowske/Greenpeace
© Lucas Wahl/Greenpeace
© Bente Stachowske/Greenpeace
© Lucas Wahl/Greenpeace
© Dmitrij Leltschuk/Greenpeace

Greenpeace e. V.

Interactive environment and climate protection exhibition

What does a burger have to do with the rainforest? How does the polar bear benefit if we drive less? And how do I shop in a climate-friendly way? At the Greenpeace exhibition in Hamburg, guests playfully explore the connection between our consumer behavior and various environmental problems around the world.

They discover solutions and learn what successes the environmental movement has already achieved. At the themed islands Oceans, Forests, Sustainable Agriculture, Energy and Transport Change, and Peace, you get active yourself. Interactive exhibits such as a refrigerator or shopping basket provide tips for everyday life. If you like, you can sit in a Greenpeace inflatable boat or stand at the wheel of a real Greenpeace action ship - in the original bridge of the "Beluga".

The permanent exhibition is continuously supplemented with current topics and actions. So everyone can get involved right away. Those looking for more information will find current materials, posters and postcards to take home. Greenpeace activists are on hand to answer questions and look forward to exchanging ideas. Greenpeace is international, non-partisan and completely independent of politics and business. With non-violent actions, Greenpeace fights for the protection of the basis of life and for peace. There is information for children at all stations. As an extracurricular place of learning, Greenpeace e.V. offers lectures and workshops for school classes. As well as for groups of adults.

The exhibition can be discovered in German as well as English and the rooms are barrier-free accessible. Admission is free. You can get a first glimpse of the interactive exhibition via this 360-degree view (audio in German).

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