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With walking and cycling tours, lectures, exhibitions and publications, the Harburg History Workshop provides special insights into Harburg's history. The association recently opened a World War II tube bunker as a place of information and remembrance.

What began in 2010 with a few members and an initial research project has since developed into a history workshop with a diverse program in Hamburg's south: Walking and cycling tours, small and large lecture events, exhibitions and publications offer interesting insights into Harburg's very own (city) history. As is generally the case with history workshops, the focus is on recent history.

The Harburg History Workshop participates in a number of events organised by other sponsors, such as the Hamburg History Workshops Day, the Harburg Inland Port Festival, the Open Monument Day or the Harburg Culture Day. Since 2017, the History Workshop has participated in the Harburg Days of Remembrance as a cooperation partner of the Initiative Gedenken in Harburg.

As a new, special project for the Harburg History Workshop, the tube bunker from the Second World War neighbouring the canal square was taken over in 2022, as a visible memorial and contemporary witness of a past in which fear, destruction and violence determined people's lives. In the meantime, the Harburg History Workshop has been able to open the bunker as a place of information and remembrance thanks to great support, also from Harburg's politicians and administration.

The Harburg History Workshop is a registered association and lives primarily through the voluntary work of many members.

For a first contact, a Tuesday afternoon is suitable, when the Harburg History Workshop under the roof of the Fischhalle is regularly open for visitors.

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Around Harburg's inland harbour, historical and modern architectural styles merge. It's maybe even a bit like HafenCity. Finkenwerder, on the other hand, has the charm of a fishing village. – Here, you see a quite different, almost rural side of Hamburg. Harburg and Finkenwerder are also good starting points for discovering the Hamburg metropolitan area.

Hamburg South

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