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FrauenFreiluftGalerie Strong women from Hamburg’s history

© Friederike Schockenhoff / Hamburg Tourismus GmbH
© Friederike Schockenhoff / Hamburg Tourismus GmbH
© Friederike Schockenhoff / Hamburg Tourismus GmbH
© Friederike Schockenhoff / Hamburg Tourismus GmbH

It is the first stop in Germany for the open-air gallery "FrauenFreiluftGalerie Hamburg" on the subject of women's work in the port. The paintings are dedicated to real women's power in all its facets.

Their motifs tell the viewer about the female economic power in the port of Hamburg and its change from 1900 to the present. The FrauenFreiluftGalerie stretches along the northern bank of the Elbe from Fischmarkt to Övelgönne and is accessible around the clock, barrier-free and free of charge.

14 large-format paintings on the banks of the Elbe

As a round-the-clock gallery, it is unique in Hamburg: 14 large-format paintings on the banks of the Elbe at the moment, tendency: growing. Glimpses into the reality of work, arousing curiosity for the port, traditionally considered a "male domain", is one of the aims here. Female painters from Hamburg, Argentina, New York, London make the change artistically visible. This is based on interviews with the port women and research by cultural historians.

A cultural pearl necklace between the fish market and Neumühlen

The paintings on walls and stairs form a cultural pearl necklace between the fish market and Neumühlen over a length of two kilometres. A tour of the open-air gallery can be undertaken on your own or as an explanatory walk. The autonomous non-profit project offers walks, bicycle tours, films and lectures.

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© ThisIsJulia Photography

CITY AREA PORTRAIT Altona & Ottensen

For strolling, having a coffee, taking a walk or having some delicious food – situated directly at the Elbe and traversed by parks, Altona & Ottensen are considered to be charming and diverse districts with character. Brick walls create a rather rough atmosphere in Altona, while it is lively and colourful in Ottensen.

Altona & Ottensen

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Freilichtmuseum Rieck Haus
© Bergedorfer Museumslandschaft

One of the oldest farm houses in North Germany exhibits the culture and history of the Vierlande area. Open Air Museum Rieck Haus

Anyone interested in the historical areas of Hamburg should not shy away from visiting the Rieck Haus Open Air Museum and the Museum für Bergedorf und die Vierlande.

Open Air Museum Rieck Haus
Jenisch Haus
© Sinje Hasheider

Art and art history exhibitions Jenisch Haus

The Jenisch Haus is one of the most beautiful historic buildings in Hamburg and offers a small oasis for nature lovers with its adjoining landscape garden and breathtaking view over the Elbe.

Jenisch Haus
© Krafft Angerer/Stiftung Wasserkunst Elbinsel Kaltehofe

Wasserkunst Elbinsel Kaltehofe

The foundation Wasserkunst Elbinsel Kaltehofe in the Hamburg district of Veddel is an impressive industrial monument, a species-rich nature park and a water art museum.

Wasserkunst Elbinsel Kaltehofe

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