Ernst Barlach Museum Wedel

© Ernst Barlach Museumsgesellschaft Hamburg e.V.
© Ernst Barlach Museumsgesellschaft Hamburg e.V.
© Ernst Barlach Museumsgesellschaft Hamburg e.V.

A prestigious collection of sculptures, drawings, wood carvings, lithographs, letters and manuscripts from Ernst Barlach.

The Ernst Barlach Museum in Wedel is the birthplace of the German sculptor, medallist, writer and draughtsman, which was opened for exhibitions in August 1987. The house has a representative collection of sculptures, woodcuts, lithographs, drawings, manuscripts and letters by Ernst Barlach.

The museum in Wedel sees itself as a lively place for the examination of art and culture from classical modernism to the present. Regular special exhibitions use historical as well as current themes, so that the representation not only presents nationally important German artists together with their collections, but also international art. In this way, the Ernst Barlach Museum in Wedel actively participates in intercultural dialogue.

The exhibition "The Beatles - Come Together" will start on 5 March 2022. The exhibition attempts to approach the phenomenon of "The Beatles" from multiple perspectives using video and visual material. Within the framework of the exhibition, the history of the band is accentuated anew - the personal and character-related peculiarities of the four musicians are also brought into view. By means of numerous music clips, the exhibition also illuminates the band's musical side. What is special about this is that not only the band's points of view are illuminated, but also those of the observers and fans, in order to make it visible and tangible where the worldwide fascination, which continues to this day, lies.

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Ernst Barlach Haus

In 1961/62 Hamburg architect Werner Kallmorgen designed and built the museum in the functionalist style associated with the post-war period.

Ernst Barlach Haus
Archäologisches Museum
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Hamburg Museum for Archaeology and History Helms Museum

The Helms Museum is the Hamburg Museum for archaeology and the history of Harburg. The Museum in the south of Hamburg offers an exciting overview of more than 200,000 years of the history of the region. Interactive exhibits and special exhibitions attract laypersons and experts alike.

Helms Museum
© Dietrich Kühne

Permanent exhibition and gift shop focussing on the phenomenon that is chocolate. CHOCOVERSUM

Hamburg is the German chocolate capital. Every year 150,000 tons of cocoa are imported to Germany via the port of Hamburg. When you have a sweet tooth you can see for yourself how the bitter beans are turned into sweet gold at the Chocoversum.


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