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electrum - The Museum of Electricity Around one thousand electrical devices from this era can be admired in electrum.

© ThisIsJulia Photgraphy
© Electrum 2019
© Electrum 2019
© ThisIsJulia Photgraphy

The "electrum - The Museum of Electricity" offers an exciting journey through time and the best entertainment.

Nothing works without electricity - electricity has accompanied us through our everyday lives for 130 years. Around one thousand electrical appliances from this era can be admired in electrum. On an exciting journey through time, visitors encounter interesting and curious electrical devices from the past. In the electrum, old familiar and long forgotten articles can be admired. Those interested in technology can go on a journey into the past here. The interesting exhibits include an old tube radio, candy-colored hair dryers, rustic gramophones, black-and-white televisions, flap toasters and much more. In addition, from the Siemens dynamo to the "floating frying pan", there are many astonishing and unknown things to discover from the world of electricity.

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Around Harburg's inland harbour, historical and modern architectural styles merge. It's maybe even a bit like HafenCity. Finkenwerder, on the other hand, has the charm of a fishing village. – Here, you see a quite different, almost rural side of Hamburg. Harburg and Finkenwerder are also good starting points for discovering the Hamburg metropolitan area.

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