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Coffee Museum Burg

Coffee meets culture.

With its special history as well as its unique and comprehensive collection, the Hamburg Coffee Museum is an insider's tip not only among coffee lovers.

Concentrated coffee knowledge in Speicherstadt

The coffee museum's coffee history began in 1896, when coffee was first stored and processed in Hansen & Studt Kaffee's coffee warehouse on St. Annenufer. In 1923, the Burg family took up their coffee business with their roastery and, over time, amassed an impressive coffee-related collection. In the heart of the Speicherstadt, where the history of Hamburg coffee began, hundreds of objects can be admired today. You can also learn interesting facts about cultivation, the Hamburg coffee trade and how coffee found its way into German mugs. One of the most interesting parts of the exhibition is the replica of the country shop that has been run by the Burg family in Eppendorf since 1923. In addition to the exhibits, texts and films provide information about the long and exciting history of the coffee bean.

After theory comes practice

After the tour of the museum, the in-house roastery, the shop, and the café entice visitors. Here you can experience on your own palate what you have previously learned in theory in the museum. The Burg Coffee Museum also invites visitors to tastings and seminars.

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