StadtRAD Hamburg

Hamburg rides bikes! Explore the most beautiful city in the world at your own pace with the sleek red wheels of the Hamburg bike hire system StadtRAD! For locals and tourists alike, StadtRAD Hamburg is practical and the perfect means of transport in the city.

StadtRAD Hamburg has existed since 2009 to complement local public transport and to ease the strain on the roads. It has been a great success so the scheme will be maintained and expanded in the future. StadtRAD Hamburg is suitable for both visitors to the city and residents alike. If you want to travel around in or explore the Hanseatic city, you should leave your car at home. A cheap and practical alternative is the bright red wheels which allow you to bypass any traffic jam With StadtRAD, you are particularly flexible because the bikes can be hired and returned spontaneously at all stations.

There are currently more than 200 hire stations and 2,450 bikes available in many suburban railway and underground stations in the central area as well as major residential areas, business districts and major leisure and tourist attractions. And there are many more to come, because thanks to its success the rental network is being extended further. The locations of the rental stations can be found on the internet or by using a smartphone app. The app also displays an alternative station if there are no StadtRAD bikes left at your nearest site. 55,000 people have already used the system, with up to 5,000 trips per day.

How does StadtRAD Hamburg work?

All you need to hire a bike is the official StadtRAD-app. After you made an account via the StadtRAD-website, all bikes can easily booked via app. After you chose a bike, it can easily be opened by tapping the finger on the lock's display. Pull the locking bolt and off you go.

If you want to park your StadtRAD bike briefly during your trip or you arrive at a station without any free spaces, you can secure it with the additional bike lock, which can be re-opened with a code shown shortly after closing on the lock's display.

You can return the StadtRAD at any hire station in Hamburg by connecting the bike to any free locking latch. Payment for the fee is taken directly from the registered account.

How much does StadtRAD Hamburg cost?

There is a one-off registration fee of €5.00. However, this is a deposit and is therefore a good investment. The first thirty minutes of bike use are free. This time is usually enough to reach all attractions close to the city centre. And if you are on the road longer, you only pay a few cents per minute. The charge is €0.04 up to the 61st minute, and €0.08 thereafter. So a whole hour on the road costs only €1.20. If you want the bike for a whole day's excursion, you can do so for €15.00. If you have an HVV subscription card or a BahnCard, you will benefit from a cheaper rate. Have fun exploring the city with a bright red StadtRAD Hamburg bike.

For an overview of all stations and to register, visit or call customer services on +49 (0) 40-822 188 100.
The "Call a bike" app uses GPS to show iPhone users the nearest hire station and how many bikes are available.

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