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On the go with Antje

This is Antje's Hamburg

Hamburg is Antje's workplace. The singer-songwriter can write her wonderful texts anywhere and is thus underway all the time in her chosen home of Hamburg to look for stories and inspiration. When Antje strolls through her current favourite spots, she always has the rest of the city in the back of her head. At sunrise, she likes to go to the Alsterpark, then to the creative stores in Neustadt, and finally to enjoy music in one of the many music clubs in Hamburg. Every one of Antje's days is special. Enjoy some of her favourite places in Hamburg.

Greeting the sun in Alsterpark

Today, the alarm clock rings very early. Even before the Hamburg summer sun rises, Antje is up and making her way to the Alsterpark. The sunrise there is incomparable.

"Yes, I really do live in this city." Antje Schomaker, Singer-Songwriter

On the boat pier on Rabenstraße, she watches the first sunbeams appear. "Yes, I really do live in this city," she thinks, and enjoys the calm that still reigns before the first joggers start flitting around the Alster. To get the right momentum for the day, Antje then heads to her favourite place in Alsterpark: the swings!

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Creative shopping at Winkel van Sinkel

Afterwards, Antje proceeds to Neustadt - obviously with swing in her steps! This is still unknown terrain for her, but she is already in love with the concept store "Winkel van Sinkel". "I can't write a song-text for all of my friends," she says, as she searches for an unusual gift.

Here, there are exotic cacti, flowers and all types of plants, but also unknown Dutch labels, stationery items, gin and Holland gin, body care products and much more that makes a decorator's heart race. Today, Antje decides on a small hanging plant - the perfect decoration for her secret place.

Enjoying good sounds in Molotow music club

In the evening, it's time for something else. Molotow is one of Hamburg's most popular music clubs, and it's very special for Antje. For her, the club radiates love and she likes it because its programme includes many musical genres. In Molotow, not only has she celebrated super parties and experienced grandiose concerts, but she also stood onstage for the first time here.

When she thinks about her performance, she grins - and has the acute need to pick up her guitar. In her favourite club, she spontaneously plays her song "Ganoven" and sinks completely into her music. Today, at this rehearsal, there is hardly any audience, but soon, she will be standing in front of her fans. Until then, she takes in the atmosphere of the Molotow, which is not only a place of reminiscences, but also of inspiration.

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