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More than just Franzbrötchen: Bakeries and confectionaries in Hamburg

Whoever thinks that only Franzbrötchen and coffee are the only thing to be had in Hamburg is on the wrong track. The local confectionaries have quite a bit to offer in terms of variety and quality. 

Biokonditorei Eichel

The confectionary in Eimsbüttel uses only organic ingredients and does without unnecessary additives. In addition, the confectionary also offers a pleasantly wide selection of vegan and gluten-free goods for people with food allergies.

The variety ranges from pear-cinnamon-curd cake and apple cake with black currants to rich dark delicious chocolate spelt pancakes. The organic delicacies can be enjoyed in a casual and relaxed atmosphere in the shop or can be taken away to be enjoyed at home or outdoors. 

For more information on the Biokonditorei Eichel, go to  "Eat & drink where the heart is" »

Café Gnosa

Café Gnosa is an LGBT café in the district of St. Georg. For decades, they have been serving opulent cakes here. Pear-cream torte, Lübeck nut cake or rhubarb strudel invite guest to sin. 

And you can pour your coffee in style from a coffee pot or, if you’re in a late-afternoon mood, you can enjoy a rum-based “Pharisäer” or a grappa-based Caffè corretto. And if you like the Gnosa, you don’t just need to stay for coffee – the café offers food and beverages from breakfast to dinner. 

For more information on Café Gnosa, go to "Eat & drink where the heart is" »

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In the Zuckermonarchie, desserts are what’s on the menu: cakes, tartlets and cupcakes – from strawberry-champagne mini tartlets and home-made macarons to Oreo-cookie cupcakes. Here, organic ingredients are also used, and additives dispensed with to the largest possible extent.

And as colourful as the desserts are, so is the doll-house-like interior. The café in St. Pauli is thus just the right place for those with a sweet tooth and a love of decoration and detail.

For more information on the Zuckermonarchie, go to "Eat & drink where the heart is" »

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The other side of Hamburg: A stroll from the Veddel to the Freihafen

A worthwhile view: Hamburg from the other side of the Elbe. If you’d like to take the quicker route, go directly through the old Elbe Tunnel. But if you’d like to see more or Hamburg and the harbour, go in the opposite direction and take a stroll from the Veddel, through the Freihafen and back to the old Elbe Tunnel.

The route along the Elbe helps you wind down and at the same time reveals a few of the most beautiful squares in the city. With the S3 or S31, you can get to the Veddel, to the S-Bahn station of the same name. It isn’t far from here (5 minutes’ walk) to the green dike. The nature backdrop blends in with the hustle and bustle and the clean industrial aesthetic of the port in a very unique manner.

Along the Elbe, you might encounter one or two houseboats, and you will get a feeling of how it might be to live here. In this romantic mood, you carry on slowly but surely towards the cranes and containers of the port. From the distance, you can breathe in the air of the port and the wide world.

Past the hustle and bustle, you will reach the old Elbe Tunnel in Steinwerder quite quickly. A visit to the observation deck with a view of the Hamburg skyline is well worth it (you can see this in the video “Go where the heart is”), and finally, the path below the Elbe is the grand finale and a really wonderful sight – for example, of historic tiles and reliefs of animals that live in the Elbe.

HVV Ferry

The HVV ferries must be the cheapest and most genuine way to view Hamburg from the water. To take the public transport mini-cruise, get off at the S- and U-Bahn station Landungsbrücken and board the ship line 62. It runs every 15 minutes from the pier via different stops all the way to Finkenwerder and back.

You’ll have to make sense of all the sights yourself, because there is no presentation. But if you look clueless for long enough, you might be lucky and find a kind airbus employee to explain things to you. And you can treat yourself to a snack or a beer – inclusive of wonderfully snotty service – from the on-board kiosk. 

Sail along below deck or on the sun deck between the small and large ships on the Elbe. If you have more time, you should disembark and explore the areas surrounding the stops. From the stop “Dockland”, for example, you can not only reach the Altona Balcony, but also the upper end of the “Elbe Mile” on the Große Elbstrasse. Here you will find locals and visitors between rustic port taverns, long-established shipping companies, advertising agencies, trendy restaurants and designer shops. 

If you’d like to try out an excursion into Hamburg’s green areas, we’d recommend taking a rental bike onto the ferry and to cycle from the Finkenwerder stop into the Altes Land, and to take a tour through the blaze of colour of the cherry or apple blossom. 

A trip on the HHV ferry is worthwhile at any time of day. From 5:45 in the morning, for example, you can enjoy the sunrise over the Elbe after a night of partying. Further tips for an extended way home after clubbing can be found under the heading “Going Home Tips”. And what’s more: with the Hamburg CARD, you can get around the city on HVV public transport very affordably and flexibly. You can also use it to get a discount when your rent a StadtRAD (city bike). 

Two culinary highlights on the Elbe Mile, which couldn’t be more different:

Henssler & Henssler
Needs no explanation, but must be tried.
Große Elbstraße 160, 22767 Hamburg

Fisch & So
‘Fish and stuff’: The name captures the range of this fish snack bar quite well. Genuine  Hamburg, great quality and unbeatable prices.
Große Elbstraße 117, 22767 Hamburg

Know when the fruit blossom starts in the Altes Land:

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