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Hamburg undercover – these records shape the image of the city, or the other way around

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The Hamburg music scene is very diverse. Since the 1990s, hip hop and German rap have had a fixed place here. And the same way the city has shaped the artists and texts, it has also provided inspiration and motifs for some record covers.

Blogbuzzter and Falk Schacht introduce a few motifs and show you the places they were taken. 


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Hamburg for Street Art Fans

Hamburg has quite a lot to offer to street art fans. The hotspots of this dynamic art form include the districts Schanzenviertel, Karoviertel, Gängeviertel and St. Pauli. The authors of hackenteer.com have put together three tours, with which you can just walk along the best street art pieces. 


Schanzenviertel (View map):

  • Zollischeck Terasse, Sternstrasse 27
    Artist: Rebelzer, Funk 25
  • Salzhäuser Imbiss, Sternstrasse
    Artist: El-Bocho
  • Beckstrassen Terasse, Beckstrasse
    Artist: Los Piratoz
  • Inner courtyard, Schulterblatt 18 a
    Artist: Various (TONA, Bum Bum, CUPK)
  • Inner courtyard, Schulterblatt 62
    Artist: Various (Alias, Quasikunst, Los Piratoz)
  • Schanzenbuch Shop, Schulterblatt 55
    Artist: Karl Toon
  • Rote Flora, Schulterblatt 71
    Artist: Various
  • House walls, Corner Schulterblatt/Rosenhofstrasse
    Artist: Various (Karl Toon, Alias, Bum Bumoder, Los Piratoz)
  • Gemeinschaftsprojekt an Häuserwand, Rosenhofstrasse 11 – 13
    Artist: Various
  • Courtyard entrance, Susannenstrasse 10
    Artist: Various (Bum Bum, Push)
  • Häuserwand, Bartelsstrasse 2a
    Artist: Unbekannt
  • Street sign, Junction Bartelsstrasse/Schanzenstrasse
    Artist: Nerd
  • Budnikowski, Schanzenstrasse 55
    Artist: Bum Bum
  • S-Bahn Bridge, Schanzenstraße
    Artist: Alias
  • Hauseingang, Schanzenstraße 101
    Artist: Unknown

Karoviertel (View map):

  • Inner courtyard, Marktstraße 138
    Artist: Various
  • Inner courtyard, Glashüttenstraße 18
    Artist: Various
  • House walls, Glashüttenstraße 22
    Artist: Los Piratoz
  • Häuserwand, Glashüttenstraße 26
    Artist: Dave the Chimp
  • Beverage store Glashütte, Glashüttenstraße 85
    Artist: Dave the Chimp
  • House walls, Vorwerkstraße 10
    Artist: Dave the Chimp+Alias
  • House walls, Grabenstraße 1
    Artist: Unbekannt
  • House entrance, Marktstraße 128
    Artist: Los Piratoz
  • Julius Terrasse, Marktstraße 111
    Artist: Various Artists
  • Yoko Mono Bar, Marktstraße 41
    Artist: Boxi

St. Pauli (View map):

  • Millerntor Stadion, Heiligengeistfeld
    Artist: Rebelzer & Nerd
  • U-Bahn Station Feldstraße, Feldstraße
    Artist: Los Piratoz
  • House entrance Hotel Pacifik, Neuer Pferdemarkt 30-31
    Artist: Various Artists
  • Diner Schorsch, Beim Grünen Jäger 14
    Artist: Funk25
  • House wall, Wohlwillstraße
    Artist: Push, Dave the Chimp
  • House entrance, Paul-Roosen-Straße
    Artist: Dave the Chimp
  • Edeka Supermarket, Paul-Roosen-Straße
    Artist: Xoooox
  • Bar Blauer Peter, Simon-von-Utrecht Straße
    Artist: Various Artists (Sticker)
  • House wall, Antonistraße
    Artist: Unbekannt
  • Park Fiction, Antonistraße
    Artist: Various Artists (Instalation)

Read, look, listen, be amazed

Yes, Hamburgs’ art is for sale – namely here: in the Hanseplatte

Between the districts Schanzenviertel and Karoviertel – more precisely next to the old abattoir Alter Schlachthof – you will find the Hanseplatte. Here, you will see “Kultur und Dönekens”, meaning: Music, books, posters, jewellery, clothes … all bearing the distinctive stamp of Hamburg. 

For example, the latest book by Heinz Strunk on the Hamburg serial killer Fritz Honka. Or records by DJ Koze’s label Pampa Records, or just jewellery from the Pudel collection.

It’s always worth visiting, because here, you will definitely find the best souvenirs or a present for yourself, which is better than even a Hamburger could give you.

Neuer Kamp 32
20357 Hamburg

Monday – Friday 11:00 am 7:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

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Address: Neuer Kamp 32, 20357 Hamburg

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