Till 6:00 am 
Towards the sunrise

Eat half a chicken in the Kleine Pause. Just because.

Kleine Pause

In the Kleine Pause, you’ll find fast food especially for night owls who’ve partied all night.

Opening hours:
Mon - Thur 7:00 - 3:00 
Fri 7:00 - 5:00 
Sat 9:00 - 5:00 
Sun 9:00 - 2:00 
Wohlwillstraße 37
20359 Hamburg

A must-do, before the night ends

Stroll through the Old Elbe Tunnel to the other side of the Elbe, and enjoy the most beautiful view of the Hamburg skyline. And the best thing: This great view is open around the clock!

The night is almost over and you are still looking for a Hamburg moment? The one unique view? Then follow us to the landing bridges and through the Old Elbe Tunnel across to Steinweder. 

If you turn to face the city, you can see across the Elbe to a unique sea of lights and incomparable port panorama. 

Watch the video Go where the heart is with Tom Thaler »

Good Morning Hamburg!

Sunrise with Astraknolle on the Altona Balcony. Simply beautiful!

If you’ve managed to hold out until dawn, you deserve a reward. While all the party tourists are streaming from town towards the Fish Market, those in the know grab a final Astra and take a walk to the Altona Balcony, to take a seat on a bench and watch as the night-time illumination of the harbour yields to the first sunrays from the eastern end of the city. 

As the sun rises, so does your heart – and afterward, you can go to bed knowing you’ve just experienced one of the finest moments this city has to offer.

Our morning-time tips at a glance

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