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StadtRAD Hamburg

Explore the city by bike

Hamburg rides a bike! Explore the most beautiful city in the world on your own: with the racy red wheels of Hamburg's StadtRAD bicycle rental system!

With StadtRAD Hamburg, bicycles can be rented at particularly attractive conditions at numerous stations throughout the city - from the Jungfernstieg to the Michel and the Reeperbahn. Once you have registered for the system free of charge, you can rent bicycles conveniently by app. Alternatively, you can also borrow bicycles by customer card or by telephone. The bikes are available around the clock every day and can be returned at any station in the city area.

Over 2 million uses per year

In 2009, the StadtRAD Hamburg was introduced to supplement local transport and relieve road congestion. With over 2 million uses per year, it is now the most widely used rental bicycle system in Germany. The bright red bikes offer visitors and residents alike a cost-effective way to explore the city without having to wait for the bus and train or get stuck in traffic jams. The locations of the rental stations can be found on the Internet or by app. If there is no StadtRAD on the spot, the app shows the next alternative station directly.

250 rental stations in the city

With the StadtRAD you are particularly flexible on your way: At the more than 250 rental stations you can rent one of the 3,100 bicycles spontaneously around the clock. The stations are spread all over Hamburg and are located at many S-Bahn and U-Bahn stations in the extended inner city area as well as in larger residential quarters, business districts and important leisure and tourist facilities. In most cases, the nearest station is only a few hundred metres away - and thanks to the success to date, the network is constantly being expanded and optimised! In the coming years, the number of wheels will be increased to a total of 4,500 city wheels at 350 stations. In addition, you will find 20 electrically assisted cargo bicycles for bulk shopping and for the youngsters distributed throughout the Hamburg city area to borrow.

Experience sustainability

Emission-free and stress-free in city traffic – now that’s healthy transport. Even heavier loads can now be transported with a clear conscience. Electric cargo bikes can be reserved in advance – and the first half hour is free. 

How does StadtRAD Hamburg work?

In order to use StadtRAD Hamburg, an account must be created on the StadtRAD website which will be used for all future rentals. A one-off registration fee of €5.00 will be charged here, but this will be charged as credit and is therefore well invested. The borrowing of a StadtRADs by App is very easy and in few steps settled:

  • Download and register StadtRAD app
  • Select "Borrow" in the menu
  • Enter the wheel number or select a suggested cityRAD
  • Simply tap the display on the handlebar to unlock it. Press the red lock button on the rear wheel and pull the station latch on the right side of the lock. You can also borrow the lock by telephone (telephone number on the display on the handlebars).

To park the StadtRAD briefly during the tour or to return it to a station with no free space, simply secure it with the integrated lock on the rear wheel. When the lock is locked, your personal opening code is briefly shown on the display, which you can use to reopen the lock and continue driving directly. You can return the StadtRAD at any rental station in Hamburg. Park the bike at a station bollard, press the red lock button and lock the lock. Last but not least, insert the station bar into the lock - that's it.

More and more StadtRÄDER bikes have a practical QR code underneath the handlebars, on the main tube and on the rear mudguard, which will make borrowing even easier in future. With the help of the latest app version, you can scan the QR code in no time at all and start cycling even faster.
With StadtRÄDERN that are already equipped with the QR code, you can take breaks at any time. However, you must lock your StadtRAD during this time. This works as follows:

  • After parking, press the red lock button.
  • Then push the red lock downwards.
  • Tap "Ride pause: YES" in the display.

Please note that a ride break is only possible away from the StadtRAD stations. In case of a break, simply keep a distance of at least 50 metres to the nearby station.
This is how you reopen the StadtRAD after your rest break:

  • Tap the display.
  • Enter the opening code (this can be found in the app under the menu item "Contract").

What does StadtRAD Hamburg cost?

The first thirty minutes of every StadtRAD ride are free, and most of the time they are enough to reach all the sights. Should the tour take a little longer, you pay only 0.10 € per minute from the 31st minute. Thus one can be for 3.00 € a whole hour on the way, a day trip costs 15.00 €. Holders of a subscription card of the HVV or a BahnCard receive discounted minute rates. Enjoy exploring the city with a bright red StadtRAD Hamburg. You can find an overview of all stations and registration options at www.stadtradhamburg.de or by calling the service telephone 040-822 188 100. iPhone and Android users can use the "StadtRAD Hamburg" app to see the nearest rental station thanks to GPS, as well as how many bikes are still available there.

And that's how it works:

  • Free registration at: stadtrad.hamburg.de
  • Rent a bike at any borrowing station, ride comfortably and return it to any station of your choice.
  • 250 stations with more than 3,100 bicycles
  • The discount with the Hamburg CARD is valid in the entire StadtRAD Hamburg area. All stations south of the Elbe and in Lüneburg are also included.

Hamburg CARD Benefit

Bike rental

20 % discount

Benefit code: HAMBURGCARD
(https://stadtrad.hamburg.de/de/registrieren) 0.08 EUR instead of 0.10 EUR per minute (from the 31st minute).
There is a one-off registration fee of EUR 5.00, for which you will receive EUR 5.00 travel credit. An annual fee of EUR 5.00 is due from the 13th month.

Show your valid Hamburg CARD at the cash desk and on request on the day of use. Duplication of discounts not possible.

from 11.90 €

Hamburg CARD

Free travel by bus, train and harbour ferries (HVV) and up to 50% discount on over 150 tourist offers

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