Explore Hamburg with the harbour ferries

Hafenfähren Hamburg
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In addition to the usual harbour round-trips, there is an alternative that even saves you money: With the HADAG Harbour Ferries, you can easily explore Hamburg by water.

There’s always something going on at the Landungsbrücken. Harbour round-trips start every few minutes, taking tourists around the Hamburg harbour and showing them the maritime sights with extensive stories. But you can also see the huge container ships, the Elbe shores with a lower-cost alternative. With a normal hvv ticket, our Hamburg CARD, or the Deutschlandticket you can take any of the seven harbour ferry lines. These leave from the Landungsbrücken regularly for the various piers along the Elbe and are the maritime alternative to bus and train for many Hamburg locals.

Our tip: Take Line 62 from Landungsbrücken Brücke 3 to Finkenwerder. On this journey, you pass the Blohm + Voss Docks, the fish auction hall, the Dockland (where ocean liners are often moored), the Övelgönne Museum Harbour and Elbe beach and on many beautiful Blankenese villas.

It’s especially worth de-embarking in Övelgönne. On sunny days, the one-time fishery settlement with Elbe shore and picturesque houses is a dream for strolling around in. If you’re interested, you can also go to Teufelsbrück to watch the Elbe pilots working, or to Jenisch Park to relax.

If you take Line 61 and ride to the Neuhof pier, on the other hand, you will be rewarded with a fantastic view of the Köhlbrandbrücke. It is especially impressive in the evening when it is illuminated.

You will also return with the ferry. To watch the hustle and bustle of the Landungsbrücken from the other side of the Elbe, take Line 73 towards Ernst August Schleuse and get out at the Theater pier in the harbour. This gives you a superb view of Hamburg. Musical visitors can then take the free shuttle service from the Landungsbrücken.

The HADAG Harbour Ferries all have enough seating, both in the protected inside areas as well in the outside areas, to enjoy the cafés and snacks (available on the ferries) and ride the boats during any weather.

Exploring Hamburg by bicyle

A wonderful way to explore the Elbe is by ferry & bike! It lets you experience the best by water and by land. When planning your route, it's a very good idea to check in advance which way the wind is blowing. It's easiest to ride with a tailwind, of course!

Basically, you can take a bicycle on the HVV Elbe ferries without cost at any time of the day. However, you have no claim to this, and the popular lines can be very busy in summer. Please consider others. Note also that the Niederelbe ticket price applies to the Blankenese-Cranz ferry, and that an extra fee is charged.

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Hamburg's water station. Landungsbrücken

The floating dock - called the "Landungsbrücken" (landing stages) – is 700 metres long. Harbour tours and the HADAG steamers to Finkenwerder, Oevelgönne and Blankenese leave from this water "station". Impressive luxury cruisers also dock here from time to time.

U-Bahn Hamburg
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From A to B quickly & easily Getting around Hamburg

Hamburg offers many possibilities for getting from A to B. In addition buses, the underground and suburban trains, you can explore the city, for example, by bike or harbour ferry. Rental vehicles and car-sharing are also flexible solutions for getting around.

Getting around Hamburg
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Arriving & Getting around Getting around sustainably

Discover our beautiful Hanseatic city on foot or by public transport. Bike, car or taxi sharing enables you to see Hamburg’s districts from different perspectives. We will gladly show you how easy it is to get from A to B, while experiencing the mobility of tomorrow and saving resources in the process.

Getting around sustainably


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