Schleswig-Holstein Ticket

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With the Schleswig-Holstein Ticket to Hamburg

Do you want to see another city for a day and do something unusual? From Schleswig-Holstein you can use the Schleswig-Holstein Ticket to reach Hamburg fast, conveniently and economically. Shopping on Mönckebergstraße. Eating ice cream next to the Alster. Shooting a selfie at the Elbphilharmonie. Or simply seeing the sights in the Elbe metropolis and the harbour. You can do all of this for very little money. With the Schleswig-Holstein Ticket you can reach Hamburg quickly. No matter whether you come from Flensburg, Lübeck, Kiel, Neumünster or Heide, the Schleswig-Holstein Ticket is valid in all regional trains (RE, RB, UBB, ODEG, PRE and S). Whatever you want to do, the main thing is to get started. Further information and the exact geographical scope is available here!

From the real North to Hamburg with the Schleswig-Holstein Ticket

One popular route goes from Kiel to Hamburg via Neumünster. The ticket can be purchased either online or in the Deutsche Bahn. With the train, you avoid the demands of city traffic on Hamburg's streets and arrive completely relaxed. With the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Ticket, you can travel comfortably in the well-equipped regional trains - either alone or with up to four others. The price depends on the number of people in your party. When you travel in a group of five, each person pays only 9.00 euros. Children and grandchildren up to 14 are free.

Public transportation in Hamburg

The 'Länder-Ticket' is a day-ticket valid from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 a.m. of the following day. On weekends and holidays, it is valid as of midnight. It is also valid during school holidays. After arriving in the Hanseatic City, the ticket can be used for further travel in the city area. You can use the underground, the suburban trains and the busses in the entire Hamburg transport system, abbreviated HVV. To book and research departure times with the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Ticket, we recommend using the Deutsche Bahn website or app. It provides all information on the timetable. For particularly easy orientation in Hamburg's public transportation system, use the HVV app.

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U-Bahn Hamburg
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From A to B quickly & easily Getting around Hamburg

Hamburg offers many possibilities for getting from A to B. In addition buses, the underground and suburban trains, you can explore the city, for example, by bike or harbour ferry. Rental vehicles and car-sharing are also flexible solutions for getting around.

Getting around Hamburg
Hamburg App – Erleben & Sparen

Free App App Hamburg – Experiences & Savings

With the App Hamburg – Experience & Save, you always know about the current discounts and reductions you can get on classic tours such as harbour, Alster and city tours as well as museums and restaurants. The Hamburg CARD is also your bus and train ticket all over Hamburg.

App Hamburg – Experiences & Savings
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Ideen für Tagesausflüge nach Hamburg Ein Tag in Hamburg

Hamburg hat unglaublich viel zu bieten: egal zu welcher Tageszeit, ob Sommer oder Winter. Hier finden Sie kompakt Veranstaltungen und Tipps der Metropolregion Hamburg für Ihren Tag in der Elbmetropole.


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