Street-Art in Hamburg


On the trails of Hamburg Street Art

Hamburg has lots to offer street art fans. Among the hotspots of this dynamic art form are the Schanzenviertel, the Karoviertel, the Gängeviertel and St. Pauli. The authors of have put together three tours you can follow to see the best street art.

Through the Karoviertel

The Karoviertel is located in the St. Pauli district of Hamburg. The walk past the quarter's street art highlights is about one kilometre long, so it can be easily combined with a leisurely stroll through the streets.

The Stations: Inner courtyard, Marktstraße 138 | Artist: Various; Inner courtyard, Glashüttenstraße 18 | Artist: Various; House wall, Glashüttenstraße 22 | Artist: Los Piratoz; House wall, Glashüttenstraße 26 | Artist: Dave the Chimp; Beverage market Glashütte, Glashüttenstraße 85 | Artist: Dave the Chimp; House wall, Vorwerkstraße 10 | Artist: Dave the Chimp+Alias; Wall of houses, Grabenstraße 1 | Artist: Unknown; Entrance, Marktstraße 128 | Artist: Los Piratoz; Julius Terrace, Marktstrasse 111 | Artists: Various Artists; Yoko Mono Bar, Marktstrasse 41 | Artist: Boxi

Sinful Street-Art on St. Pauli

The street art tour through St. Pauli begins at the underground station Feldstraße and ends in Park Fiction. Past the Heiligengeistfeld and through the streets of what is probably the most sinful part of the city, a wide variety of works can be admired.

The Stations: Millerntor Stadium, Heiligengeistfeld | Artist: Rebelzer & Nerd; Underground station Feldstraße, Feldstraße | Artist: Los Piratoz; Court entrance Hotel Pacifik, Neuer Pferdemarkt 30-31 | Artists: Various Artists; Snack Schorsch, At the Green Hunter 14 | Artist: Funk25; House wall, Wohlwillstraße | Artist: Push, Dave the Chimp; Entrance, Paul-Roosen-Straße | Artist: Dave the Chimp; Edeka Market, Paul-Roosen-Straße | Artist: Xoooox; Blue Peter Pub, Simon-von-Utrecht Street | Artist: Various Artists (Sticker); House wall, Antonistraße | Artist: Unknown; Park Fiction, Antonistraße | Artist: Various Artists (Installation)

Street art in the Schanze

In about half an hour you can see the street art highlights in the Schanzenviertel. Stroll through the streets lined with old buildings and keep your eyes open. 

The Stations: Zollischeck Terrace, Sternstrasse 27 | Artist: Rebelzer, Funk 25; Salt houses snack bar, Sternstrasse | Artist: El-Bocho; Beckstrasse Terrace, Beckstrasse | Artist: Los Piratoz; Inner courtyard, Schulterblatt 18 a | Artist: Various (TONA, Bum Bum, CUPK); Inner courtyard, shoulder blade 62 | Artist: Various (Alias, Quasi Art, Los Piratoz); Schanzenbuch Shop, Schulterblatt 55 | Artist: Karl Toon; Red Flora, Schulterblatt 71 | Artist: Various; House wall, corner Schulterblatt/Rosenhofstrasse | Artist: Various (Karl Toon, Alias, Bum Bumoder, Los Piratoz); Joint project on house wall, Rosenhofstrasse 11 - 13 | Artist: Various; Court entrance, Susannenstrasse 10 | Artist: Various (Bum Bum, Push); House wall, Bartelsstrasse 2a | Artist: Unknown; Road sign, crossing Bartelsstrasse/Schanzenstrasse | Artist: Nerd Budnikowski; Schanzenstrasse 55 | Artist: Bum Bum; S-Bahn bridge, Schanzenstraße | Artist: Alias; Entrance, Schanzenstraße 101 | Artist: Unknown

Street Art in Harburg: Walls can Dance

In Hamburg-Harburg, in the south of the city, the walls seem to dance. Walls Can Dance transforms the city into a unique open-air gallery of urban art and invites locals and visitors alike to go on a journey of discovery through the colours and shapes of the city. The 13 large-scale murals are just the beginning of a creative revolution that will reinvent the face of the city.
Walls Can Dance has a vision: to build bridges and unite neighbourhoods that have long been separated. Harburg has been facing the challenge of overcoming the separation between the inner city and the inland port for years. But Walls Can Dance creates a connection with every mural, every brushstroke and every shade of colour.
Walls Can Dance's artworks are more than just pictures on the wall. They are an invitation to see the city through different eyes and discover new perspectives. They are an expression of freedom and creativity that inspire people. Walls Can Dance is not only northern Germany's largest open-air gallery, but also a movement that gets the city moving and opens up new paths.

The Stations: Wallgraben 48| Artist: Millo; Neue Strasse 61 | Artist: SABEK; Harburger Ring 17 | Artist: Nevercrew; Großer Schippsee 20 | Artist: Bernd Muss; Am Wall 13 |Artist: Dave the Chimp; Großer Schippsee 46 | Artist: Click Clack e.V. ; Harburger Schloßstraße 20 | Artist: Low Bros ; Harburger Schloßstraße 36 | Artist: Ju Mu Monster ; Kanalplatz 5 | Artist: DXTR&Rookie; Lotsestieg 6 | Artist: Innerfields.

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© Unsplash / Joseph Perez

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CITY AREA PORTRAIT St. Pauli, the Harbour & the Reeperbahn

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