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Außenalster Regen
© Christian Bruch / VISUM

Rainy Hamburg

What to do in bad weather?

It rains sometimes in Hamburg, but Hamburgers know what to do. The weather in Hamburg is much better than its reputation, but there are still plenty of rainy days. The next time you visit Hamburg and dark rain clouds pile up in the sky, you can look forward to lots of exciting and relaxing activities, which are especially good in rainy weather. Warm up during a visit to Hamburg's thermal baths and steam baths, experience action despite the rain at JUMP House Hamburg or let yourself be carried away into the magical world of Hamburg's musicals. Hamburg in the rain - definitely no reason to hide!

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© Kunstmeile Hamburg


Along the 1.5 km of the Hamburg Art Mile between Ferdinandstor and Deichtorstraße are state museums, exhibition institutes and private galleries with over 30,000 m2 of exhibition space. Art and culture from antiquity to provocative contemporary art…

© Anna-Lena Ehlers

JUMP House Poppenbüttel

JUMP House 2.0: Anyone who liked the "old" JUMP house in Stellingen, will feel just as at home here too: 5500 square metres offer a real place to jump! Particularly exciting are the new attractions "Sky Jump" and "Reaction Jump"

JUMP House Poppenbüttel
© ThisIsJulia Photography

Three of the most beautiful exhibition halls in Europe Deichtorhallen

The Deichtorhallen Hamburg is one of Europe's largest art exhibition halls. There art and photography enthusiasts will find a wide variety of different pictures and interesting exhibitions.

© ThisIsJulia Photography

Moments of relaxation Cosy cafés

Discover comfortable, relaxed cafés in Hamburg where you can definitely find something to enjoy!

Cosy cafés
© Unsplash / Fabrizio Magoni

Enjoy without limits Hot Fusion Restaurants

Here are five trendy fusion cuisines for foodies, finger-lickers and all those who love to taste their way through the pots and pans of the world!

Hot Fusion Restaurants
© Pixabay / Clockedindk

Can you find the solution? Escape Games in Hamburg

A team, a room, and 60 minutes - these are the rules of the new trend known as Escape Games.

Escape Games in Hamburg

Great tips for rainy weather Let's get dry!

Eintritt in das Miniatur Wunderland
© Joerg Modrow

Entrance to the Miniatur Wunderland

  • Largest model railway exhibition
  • Insights in different regions on earth
Entrance to the Miniatur Wunderland
To offer
From 20.00€*
© Dietrich Kühne

Admission to the CHOCOVERSUM by Hachez

  • From cocoa tree to the chocolate bar
  • Creating your own chocolate bar
  • Tasting of every production step!
Admission to the CHOCOVERSUM by Hachez
To offer
From 19.00€*
Ballin Stadt
© ThisIsJulia-Photography

Admission to the "BallinStadt" emigrant museum

  • Exciting im- & emigration history
  • 4 epochs interesting presented
  • Free Family Research Area
  • Interactive game "Simmigrant"
Admission to the "BallinStadt" emigrant museum
To offer
From 13.00€*
Eintritt Internationales Maritimes Museum
© Thomas Hampel

Admission to the International Maritime Museum

  • 3000 years of seafaring history
  • Over 40,000 miniature models
  • Queen Mary 2 out of a million Legos
  • Real ship simulator
Admission to the International Maritime Museum
To offer
From 15.00€*
Artistic-Must do
Eintritt in die Hamburger Kunsthalle
© ThisIsJulia Photography

Admission to the Hamburger Kunsthalle

  • Important public art collections
  • Works from seven centuries
  • Changing art presentations
  • 700 constantly exhibited works
Admission to the Hamburger Kunsthalle
To offer
From 14.00€*
Artistic-Must do
© Fred Dott

3-Day Art Mile Pass

  • Historical and modern Art
  • Perfect location between Alster & Elbe
  • Everything reachable by foot
  • Five renowned art institutions
3-Day Art Mile Pass
To offer
From 25.00€*
Hamburg individual
© Silvano Ballone

City Tour with the "Rote Doppeldecker"

  • Exploring Hamburg spontaneously
  • Hop on and hop off the whole day
  • 29 stops at all "Must-See" Spots 
  • City Tour with the "Rote Doppeldecker"
    To offer
    From 18.50€*

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    © ThisIsJulia Photography

    Everything but ordinary! Exceptional Museums

    Unusual museum experiences that you can only make in Hamburg.

    Exceptional Museums
    hamburg ahoi
    © Till –

    Insider tips Blog »hamburg ahoi«

    We will show you the city and its people, unforgettable experiences and we will be on the road in our versatile districts. Accompany us through the most beautiful city in the world ♥

    Blog »hamburg ahoi«

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