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From Hanseatic city to the high seas

Ferry From Hamburg to Heligoland

Airplanes, seaside resort ships and ferries bring holidaymakers safely and quickly from Hamburg to Heligoland, where unique flora and fauna awaits guests.

The North Sea island is an oasis of peace as well as a health resort and spa. The ferry from Hamburg to Heligoland is the perfect preparation for your stay. From the end of March to the end of October you can reach Heligoland by ferry from Hamburg in only four hours. The modern Helgoland catamaran takes passengers from the Landungsbrücken in St. Pauli to the Südhafen on Heligoland. The two decks offer a beautiful view of the Elbe and North Sea; modern monitors inform you about the route and current position of the catamaran. When it's sunny, you can enjoy the landscape on the open deck; in bad weather you can spend the trip on the ferry from Hamburg to Heligoland in comfortable armchairs inside.

Just get out - with the high-speed catamaran of FRS Helgoline GmbH! Whether for "seal watching" or island tours, with us you can escape from everyday life.

The FRS Helogline catamaran is an absolute premium product and impresses with its modern design, comfortable sea behaviour and pioneering technology. Every year from the end of March to the end of October, passengers can enjoy an interesting, fast and comfortable cruise to Helgoland every day.

FRS Helgoline im Hamburger Hafen
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Roundview of the Elbe River and North Sea

Through huge, continuous panoramic windows on two decks, passengers can almost have a panoramic view of the Elbe and North Sea, but the route can also be followed on several screens via the external camera and sea charts, on which the current position of the ship is displayed. In good weather, you can enjoy the sea breeze around your nose on the open decks and the 360° view of the fast-moving landscape. Inside, comfortable armchairs in a total of four seating categories offer maximum comfort, and thanks to an atrium in the middle of the ship, the large, fully air-conditioned salons are flooded with light. Meals and drinks are served by stewardesses directly at the seat.

In addition to the departure from Hamburg, the "MS Helgoland" and the seaside resort ship of the Cassen Eils shipping company also depart from Cuxhaven. The price per person is € 55.40 for a single journey and € 73.80 for a return journey on the same day.

From Hamburg (Landungsbrücken 3/4) 9:00 a.m.
Arrival in Helgoland approx. 12:45 p.m.

Return trip:
Times from Helgoland vary by weekday (please consult the FRS timetable)
Arrival at the Hamburg Landungsbrücken approximately 3.45 hours after departure

Schedule changes:
Schedule delays or changes are possible at short notice due to weather and tides. General information and weather-related schedule changes are available here.


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