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Christmas in the Metropolitan Region

The most beautiful Christmas markets around Hamburg

When Advent begins, the towns and villages around the Hanseatic City lure with their rustic and cosy Christmas markets, each with its own charm. Traditional craft markets - at manor houses, castles or museums - promise atmospheric hours in the countryside with the scent of charcoal stoves and beeswax candles. For example, in the alleys of Stade and Lüneburg, or in the romantic markets of Hitzacker, Buxtehude or Soltau. The otherwise rough coastal regions of Cuxland and Dithmarschen are also in a Christmas mood. In Uelzen, a "little door" opens daily in what is probably the region's largest Advent calendar, the Old Town Hall. Small villages entice with dreamy Christmas markets. Bodenteich castle  offers a special illuminated festive scene. Westernstadt at the foot of the Segeberger Kalkberg is also rustically decorated for Christmas.

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Advent against a magical backdrop Christmas Market Stade

The smell of mulled wine and roasted almonds blows through the alleys of the old town, enchanting Christmas lights make the old town shine and children's eyes shine when Santa Claus strolls through the town.

Christmas Market Stade
© Lüneburg Marketing GmbH Mathias Schneide

Sparkling salt town Christmas Town Lüneburg

During the Christmas season, the salt and Hanseatic city of Lüneburg is particularly well dressed: around the city centre, a Christmas city is being created that invites visitors to a contemplative Christmas stroll with its sparkling lights,…

Christmas Town Lüneburg
© Thomas Jezerkowski

The star in the north Schwerin Christmas Market

In December, a Christmassy scent will once again be present in the cosy alleys of Schwerin's old town. During these weeks, the Schwerin Christmas Market transforms the residential city into a Christmas shopping mile.

Schwerin Christmas Market
© TZ Wismar, Christoph Meyer, paperheroes

On the historical market square Wismar Christmas Market

The brightly lit town hall on Wismar's historic market square, the colourful gabled houses and the famous waterworks form a festive backdrop for the traditional Christmas market.

Wismar Christmas Market
© Hans Juergen von Hemm

Christmas market with covered ice skating rink Heide Winterworld

If there is a smell of gingerbread, roasted almonds and mulled wine between Böttcher-Rondell and St.-Jürgen-Kirche, then this can only mean one thing: The Heide winter world is open.

Heide Winterworld

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DISCOVER NOW Christmas in Hamburg

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Winter wonderland Christmas markets in Hamburg

The Advent season in Hamburg would not be the same without its enchanting Christmas markets. At the most famous Christmas markets you can experience the whole range of pre-Christmas delights with all your senses. Here no one can escape the magic of Christmas Eve.

Christmas markets in Hamburg
Veranstaltungen Adventszeit Hamburg
© Geheimtipp Hamburg

Pre-Christmas Spectacle Events in Advent

Hamburg also has many events to offer during the Christmas season. In addition to the many cosy Christmas markets throughout the city, spectacular shows, enchanting fairy tales and exhibitions await you to sweeten the wait for 24 December.

Events in Advent
Weihnachten Hamburg
© mediaserver.hamburg.de / Christian Ode

Holy Hamburg Hamburg is so beautiful during Christmas time

It smells of mulled wine and freshly roasted almonds, above the town hall market Santa with his reindeer flies over the heads of the visitors and thousands of lights illuminate the Hanseatic city. That can only mean one thing: the Christmas magic has reached Hamburg. Discover the most sparkling season of the year in Hamburg!

Hamburg is so beautiful during Christmas time

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