The Marketing Department

“By consistently aligning our actions with the requirements of the market as well as the customers’ demands, we are creating competitive advantages for Hamburg.”

Marianna Just, Head of Marketing 

Based on an integrated marketing approach, HHT’s marketing measures are aimed at highlighting the city’s greatest assets, while also taking into account the specific requirements of the relevant target market and the respective target groups.

Building on reliable data from the company's Market Research Division, the Marketing Department is dedicated to developing strategic plans for both the destination and the company. 

Specialised divisions of the Marketing Department

International Marketing

In the area of international marketing, HHT focuses on two thematic strands:

1. close cooperation with tour operators and carriers in the target markets

2. end customer communication via digital campaigns in the target market, e.g. in collaboration with relevant inspiration and booking portals

For its international marketing to be efficient, HHT defines the target markets that are most relevant to Hamburg. By means of a classification system, these markets are then assigned to the categories A, B, and dynamic markets. Currently HHT is active in the German-speaking markets as well as 14 foreign markets.  The main markets here include: Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, the UK, and the United States. The dynamic markets of China and the United Arab Emirates also play an important role.

As regards the international markets, HHT maintains two representative offices (one in Dubai and one in Shanghai) and is also represented by the foreign offices of the German National Tourist Board (GNTB).

Marketing pools in the dynamic markets

To serve the dynamic markets of China and the Arab Gulf states, HHT continues to rely on the “Hamburg tourism pool” approach. These public-private partnership models bundle HHT's strategic marketing objectives with those of individual partners and their relevant budgets, thus creating useful synergies in the area of market development. As well as raising Hamburg's overall profile in these markets, HHT's activities have been aimed at advertising specific themes and promoting direct flight connections.

The HHT representatives who are on-site in Shanghai and Dubai are implementing the respective measures, while actively involving the pool partners.

- Contact: Silke Walter, Marketing Manager International Markets Scandinavia and China

- Contact: Christiane Andreeßen, Marketing Manager International Markets USA, Austria and Switzerland


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