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St. Pauli Beertour


  • accompanied tour over beer and St. Pauli
  • classy and humorous tour
  • Beers to try
  • the most important spots for craft beer and variety of beers around the Reeperbahn

On this tour you will learn everything about beer and St. Pauli. Both historical, for example why the children used to drink beer here, and lots of current events. You start in the cozy salon in the St. Pauli Office, then visit the trendy new craft beer hotspots and rustic old beer bars. Of course, there are also plenty of beers to try.

Hamburg was once famous as the beer capital with over 750 varieties. Of course, a lot of beer was drunk in the entertainment district of St. Pauli. Until a few years ago, there were almost only the same industrially produced varieties here. There is now a colorful beer landscape. The tour begins in the St. Pauli Office in the cozy salon. There is a counter, a small stage and enough seating. It is thematically about the individual beer brands from and on St. Pauli. The participants get to try their first beers. After these have been drunk in a relaxed manner, the group heads towards the Reeperbahn. Here we show you the most important spots for craft beer and beer variety around the Reeperbahn. The guide will stop at some locations with the group. But watch out! This is not a booze tour, but a sophisticated, humorous and beer-drenched tour of St. Pauli. Unfortunately, drunk people without manners cannot participate.


Please note

There is a minimum age requirement of 18 years for the beer tour.


Please note that a valid Hamburg CARD is required to use the Hamburg CARD discount on the day of the event.


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