Sightseeing in Hamburg
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Becoming aware of the environment

With the Janssen family's Rüm Hart Foundation and the EntdeckerRouten app.

Environmental rally through Hamburg

On the Hamburg Environment Rallye in the EntdeckerRouten App, you can thus find out some exciting information about the environment and sustainability. What problems are you confronted with today and what could be possible solutions? Where is global warming felt and what influence does Hamburg have on these issues?

We would like to give you a brief insight into four of the eleven exciting stations of the environmental rally. At each of the route points, the EntdeckerRouten App gives you useful tips on what you can do or contribute yourself. You can find the complete 2.5 kilometre route here.

Avoiding plastic waste

Plastic can be found in many products: In packaging, as cutlery but also in shower gel or cosmetics. Did you know that there are countless small microplastic particles in water? Especially in the sea, waves and salt water break plastic down into smaller and smaller pieces. As a result, sea creatures that eat these particles are contaminated with harmful substances. In Hamburg, for example, you can buy completely plastic-free in some shops. Many shops also offer environmentally friendly cosmetics, which not only do without microplastics, but are also packed with other materials.

Nachhaltige Restaurants und Cafés in Hamburg
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Sustainable Food & Drinks Enjoy with a clear conscience – plastic-free!

The sustainable offerings in Hamburg are as diverse as the city itself. Green restaurants and cafés are now on every corner. Discover more places where you can avoid plastic waste!

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Sustainable Mobility

A city without traffic noise, without exhaust fumes, without traffic jams: the "mobility of the future" can take many forms. Where cars still drive today, there could soon be cycle paths and pedestrian zones. Since a high proportion of CO2 emissions is produced when travelling, it is even better to switch to climate-friendly mobility! In Hamburg there are already a number of possibilities for this: For example, you can explore the city on two wheels. This is particularly easy and CO2 neutral on city bikes. But the "mobility of the future" is also heralded by the HVV, car sharing or electric taxis.

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Arriving & Getting around Getting around sustainably

Discover Hamburg's future-oriented mobility – whether you're on your own with car-sharing providers or exploring the city on two wheels.

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Urban Gardening betreiben

One of numerous urban gardening projects in Hamburg is the neighbourhood garden Venusgarten. Urban areas are used here in a future-oriented and sustainable manner. The neighbourhood comes together in joint projects, strengthens its awareness of resources and has a positive influence on the urban climate. And they dig and plant what they can!

Urban Gardening
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Urban Gardening

Urban Gardening stands for sustainable projects in urban space to bring nature back into the city. We show you Hamburg's Urban Gardening projects and communities.

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Saving Energy

In Hamburg, 60 percent of the electricity is already generated in an environmentally friendly way. You hardly know Hamburg without a stiff breeze, and that is precisely why most of the regional green electricity is produced from wind. The numerous wind power stations in and around Hamburg can convert 50 percent of wind energy into mechanical energy and generate up to 90 times more energy than was used for production and construction.

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Hotelzimmer JUFA Hotel Hamburg in der HafenCity
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Tips for Eco-Friendly Hotels Sustainable overnight stay

In the certified Green Hotels and accommodations that pay special attention to environmental protection and social coexistence, you sleep comfortably and do good at the same time. We will help you find the right accommodation for your needs.

Sustainable overnight stay

Hamburg CARD Green Germany's first sustainable City Card

Up to 30% discount at over 40 ecologically and socially sustainable partners throughout Hamburg. Optionally with public transport ticket.

Germany's first sustainable City Card
Urban Gardening
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Urban Gardening

Urban Gardening stands for sustainable projects in urban space to bring nature back into the city. We show you Hamburg's Urban Gardening projects and communities.

Urban Gardening


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