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© Geheimtipp Hamburg

Christmas Stories

Christmas stories from Hamburg

During the Advent season, numerous lights, lamps and tinsel transform the Hanseatic city into a fairytale-like wonderland. The Christmas markets open their doors and the surrounding department stores, cafés, bars and restaurants are also open for Christmas. We wanted to get to know the people who bring Christmas to the Hanseatic city. Accompany us to those places that give the city of Hamburg its Christmas robe!

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Special Christmas Gifts from Hamburg

The Hamburg department store follows a simple idea: All of Hamburg under one roof. Giving presents is clearly in the foreground in the Hamburg department store. There are many little things and souvenirs for tourists looking for a souvenir, but also for Hamburgers who want to show their love for the city and give it away. And at Christmas time chocolate is of course the most popular item in the department store in St. Georg.

Create your own chocolate bar at Chocoversum

Chocoversum by Hachez is the place in Hamburg when it comes to good chocolate. From chocolate tours, where you can learn how chocolate is made, to children's birthday parties and chocolate seminars, everything here revolves around sweet treats. During a guided tour of the Chocoversum, you will not only learn more about growing areas and processing, but you will also be able to taste them. And best of all: each guided tour includes the creation of your own chocolate bar in the workshop.

© ThisIsJulia Photography
© ThisIsJulia Photography

The whole Christmas world in miniature

Also in the Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg the Christmas season comes to all corners. Especially now in the Christmas season it is getting more contemplative, the visitors look a bit more closely at everything and even adults can see a sparkle in their eyes. All the theme worlds in Miniatur Wunderland put on their Christmas robes just in time for Advent.

Winter Beer" instead of mulled wine

A "Winter Beer" is the perfect alternative for those who don't like mulled wine very much. In the Ratsherrn Brewery special varieties are brewed for the Christmas season. The Ratsherrn Brewery is at home in the Schanzenhöfe in the heart of Hamburg. Take a look behind the scenes of the art of brewing.

The Advent wreath - an invention from Hamburg

When, as in every year, another of four candles is lit every Sunday in many places, then probably only the least know that this custom found its origin about 200 years ago in the Hanseatic city. At that time, however, in 1839, there were still between 18 and 24 white and red candles on the wooden wreath in the prayer room of the Rauhen Haus in Hamburg-Horn to mark each day until Christmas. 

Historic Christmas market on Rathausmarkt

The historical Christmas market at the town hall market in Hamburg is one of the incontestable highlights of the Hanseatic city. The huts here have been elaborately designed and festively decorated with great attention to detail. This is where Hamburg meets, and anyone standing in front of the backdrop of Hamburg City Hall knows that Christmas is at home here.

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Maritime Christmas Christmas along the Elbe River

In Hamburg you can also get into a festive mood away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre with its Christmas markets. A stroll along the Elbe river will give you the magic of winter.

Christmas along the Elbe River
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Crazy Christmas Christmas is so crazy in Hamburg

Crazy, a bit kitschy and above all cool and different, please! The Santa Pauli on the Reeperbahn and the Winter Pride in St. Georg are just such Hamburg institutions.

Christmas is so crazy in Hamburg
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Advent in Hamburg That's why you should visit Hamburg for Christmas

There is always something going on in Hamburg and there are thousands of good reasons to visit the Hanseatic city. But in December, there are five highlights that you shouldn't miss.

That's why you should visit Hamburg for Christmas

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